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World Environment Day @ Bobcares

What could be better than celebrating World Environment Day in God’s Own Country, Kerala?

Like any other day during the monsoons, it was drizzling on the morning of 5th June 2011. The entire Cochin unit of Bobcares was highly excited with a sense of responsibility that poured on them. Every engineer came to office in a blue/green attire to support the cause.

The day began with a pledge, everyone standing united to take the pledge.


This was followed by planting trees by new members of the Bobcares family. They took great effort and care to ensure they planted well. “I am happy and proud to have been able to contribute my hand on this great day. Now, it is each one of our responsibility to ensure that we help our plants grow to great heights”, said Ramyasree as she watered the newly planted mango tree.

Later, a painting competition was held with the theme ‘Green Earth. Beautiful Earth’. 3 teams came up to partake in this competition. Participants and supporters came with excited looks on their faces. It was a lovely scene at the food court, with colors being splashed on the chart papers. Each team thought different and came up with their own creative ideas on the theme.

paint 1

paint 2
paint 3

Apart from all the color filled activities, a pledge writing contest was held wherein every member had to write down a pledge and drop it into a drop box.

pledge box

Like any other specially observed day, 5th June 2011 did not end with the nightfall. It started with an oath to keep the environment clean and healthy. With the kind of energy and enthusiasm shown by every member of Bobcares, it looks like we will carry on the aura of World Environment Day all throughout the year.

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