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Web server administration and maintenance

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Customers expect blazing fast websites. Page load delays of even a few seconds can lead to lost sales. As the site traffic increases, or new site modules are added or database size changes, small performance bottlenecks creep in, which act together to bring the site to a crawl. To keep the website responsive, it is important to monitor web server performance, and fix bottlenecks as soon as they are detected. This is where Bobcares can help.
Bobcares helps web infrastructure owners keep their servers optimized, secured and updated at all times. With our web server management services, we assist businesses setup customized web infrastructures, maintain the servers, and support web service users in resolving technical issues.

Web server setup

Bobcares builds custom web service infrastructure that meets your application requirements and business goals.

Monitoring and maintenance

We monitor your web infrastructure 24/7 and keep your servers optimized, secured and updated at all times.

End-user support

We are here 24/7 over phone, live-chat or email. If your web service users face an issue, expert help is just a click away.

Web server setup

Each business is unique. Business priorities, goals and available resources vary from one company to another. If security is critical for one company, another would have performance as the top consideration. Bobcares works with you to identify your key business challenges, and helps you setup a web infrastructure that’s custom tailored for your needs.

Customized web servers for your specialized apps

Need your web servers customized for your app? We setup special web servers that’s optimized for YOUR app, whether it is a stock application like WordPress or a custom application that runs on Java.

See how we build customized app servers


Speed boost your apps with performance optimization

Get sub-second page load times using a performance optimized web server cluster. We help you build cache servers, reverse proxies, load balancers, etc. that makes your app load instantly at all times.

See how we build high speed web infrastructure

Easily scale up your apps with virtualization

No longer spend time setting up new dedicated servers. We help you setup new servers at the click of a button using virtualization and cloud technology – all using open source software if you’d like.

See how we help improve scalability

Improve your service uptime with high availability

Get your unmanaged servers to achieve up to 99.999% uptime using high availability server clusters customized for you. We build web server clusters with no single point failure, which keeps your service online at all times.

See how we help avoid downtimes

Monitoring and maintenance

Getting the right infrastructure is just half the battle. To keep it working in top condition, you need to constantly re-adjust the server settings, and remove things that slow down the server. We monitor your servers 24/7, and continually make those tiny adjustments that keep the server ticking like a swiss watch.


24/7 monitoring and emergency support

Never again face a downtime. Our server experts keep a close eye on your server’s performance and health metrics round the clock. Issues are detected early, and are resolved before it can affect your customers.

See how we help improve uptime

Hack proof your apps with emergency patching and server hardening

Software vulnerabilities are the gateways for hackers. We clamp down on your server security by multi-layer hardening, emergency vulnerability patching, and periodic penetration testing to detect and fix any open vulnerabilities.

See how we ensure web security


Blazing fast apps with performance audit and tuning

Maintain lightning fast response times with frequent performance tuning. Our performance experts audit server performance, and closely monitor server metrics to detect and fix server bottlenecks.

See how web server performance is optimized


Silky smooth website and server upgrades

Get your website and server on the latest version, without worrying about a downtime. We help you avoid upgrade errors by rigorously testing available updates in a test environment, and applying new patches without affecting your customers.

See how we avoid software conflicts and errors

maintenance in web server management

End user technical support

Web users face a variety of issues, like broken logins, page errors, browser incompatibilities, etc. Customers love to be able to talk to an expert to resolve these issues. That’s where we come in. We are online 24/7 over phone, live chat and help desk. If your web service users need help, we’re just a click away.

Quick application errors resolution

Give your customers a 24/7 support channel to fix application errors. Many issues such as resource limits, web server setting errors, software dependency errors can cause your application to break. With us by your side, expert help is just a click away.

See how we help fix application errors

24/7 help to resolve configuration errors

Tied up with customer calls regarding the right app settings? We free up your time by taking care of all such support calls. We help your customers fix configuration errors in their web applications, and customize features the way they prefer.

See how we help fix configuration errors

Fast resolution of browser/network errors

When the error is not at your server, troubleshooting can get hard. Firewall blocks, missing browser plugins, or even browser incompatibility can cause your web apps to break. We help your customers fix such errors by detailed step-by-step troubleshooting.

See how we fix errors at user end


Multi-channel support - Helpdesk, Phone and Live Chat

Some customers like calling on the phone, while others prefer chatting. Bobcares delivers technical support over help desk (email), live chat and phone, so that your customers have the freedom to contact support in a channel convenient to them.

See how we deliver support

Our techs have extensive experience in

apache httpd server

Nginx - WordPress support

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microsoft iis server

Customized web servers for your specialized apps

The performance of your server is directly linked to the application framework you use. For eg., a Java application needs more memory than a Python application. So, it is important to customize your web server for your app framework.

We help businesses evaluate their application’s performance using benchmark tests, and customize settings such as concurrent connections, heap memory allocation, and static content caching to improve the app response times.

A few common web and app servers that’s covered in web server management services include Tomcat, Gunicorn, uWSGI, Jetty, HHVM, Node.JS HTTP server, JBoss, IIS, etc.


Easily scale up your apps with virtualization

Using virtualization, you can launch new applications or upgrade the current apps without having to go through cumbersome server setup procedures. Fast provisioning enables faster time to market, which in turn gives your apps crucial competitive advantage.

Each business has its own unique goals and priorities. We help companies analyze their business goals, and setup a customized virtualization solution. For eg., we’d recommend using hardware assisted virtualization for a company serving health care applications, as it improves security.

We use both open source and proprietary software in our virtualization solutions. This includes KVM, Xen, Docker, LXC, oVirt, Hyper-V, and more.


Speed boost your apps with performance optimization

Sub-second page load times can be achieved only if a page is ready for delivery as soon as a request comes in. The way to achieve this is to minimize page processing time for each request.

We achieve this by setting up cache severs, load balancers and DNS clusters on top of performance optimized web and database servers. We analyze the geographical spread of your website visitors, and the application complexity to build a customized web infrastructure that’ll display your app pages within a second or two.

To setup high performance systems, we use a wide range of open source and proprietary software which includes Nginx, LiteSpeed, Varnish, Memcached, Percona XtraDB, TinyDNS, etc.


Improve your service uptime with high availability

To achieve high availability, there should be no single point failures. That is, if a web server, database server or even a load balancer goes down, another should take it its place automatically.

We achieve this using many architectures such as auto-switch disaster recovery, active/active load balancing, etc. We analyze your business goals and build an HA system that is customized for your needs. It could include load balancers with auto-failover, web servers linked with clustered file systems, database load balancers, database clusters with master-master replication, and more.

To setup high availability systems we use a range of open source and proprietary software such as Nginx reverse proxy, GlusterFS, Galera, KeepAliveD, HAProxy, Percona XtraDB, etc.


high availability web server setup
24/7 monitoring and emergency support

24/7 server monitoring and emergency support

Quick reaction is at the core of maintaining a reliable infrastructure. An increasing trend in memory usage, or an abnormally high process count can indicate a server issue that’s brewing in the background. We constantly monitor server metrics to detect such issues early, and take preventive action to avoid a downtime.

Resource usage and performance bottlenecks vary from one application to another. So, to detect a performance issue early on, we create custom monitoring scripts that detects app specific usage anomalies such as processing time, long running processes, locked DB queries, etc.

Along with these, we monitor general server health parameters which helps us detect server resource bottlenecks. These metrics include CPU and memory usage, response time, packet loss, network latency, etc.


Hack proof your apps with emergency patching and server hardening

New software vulnerabilities are disclosed all the time. The best way to prevent security issues is to detect vulnerabilities early on, and patch it before an attacker can exploit it.

We closely monitor security channels for new vulnerabilities, and patch applications before it can be exploited. In addition, we do penetration testing on the web server and applications so that all un-disclosed, open vulnerabilities are identified and secured.

To make the applications double secure, we use multi-layer hardening (aka, in-depth defense) on all servers. This includes network firewall hardening, malware scanning, web service hardening, app server hardening, and use of web application firewalls.


high availability web server setup
24/7 monitoring and emergency support

Blazing fast apps with performance audit and tuning

Over time, all applications develop performance bottlenecks. This happens due to several factors such as increased database size, increased traffic, poor cache performance, etc. Timely performance tuning can effectively prevent such bottlenecks.

Our engineers monitor various application and server metrics such as server load, I/O wait time, idle workers, etc. to detect performance bottlenecks. When an anomaly is detected, updates are made to web or application server settings to prevent a service downtime.

In addition, periodic performance audits are done in which the app server, web server and database server is individually tested to detect performance issues. Corrective actions such as performance tuning and architecture changes are done to keep the servers responsive.


Silky smooth website and server upgrades

We help businesses keep their apps and server software up-to-date. This minimizes security risks, and delivers the latest features to customers. In order to make sure the upgrades do not break the apps, we use a test and deploy method of software upgrade, where all changes are made on an off-grid server, QA tested, and then deployed on production.

We maintain virtual servers of identical configuration as production servers. When an upgrade is required, we first make the changes in the off-grid servers, and test the apps thoroughly to detect any bugs. Once any detected bugs are fixed, we release the changes into production servers.

In situations where the application is custom built, we work with the app developers to create a code delivery pipeline, using tools such as Vagrant, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, and more.


high availability web server setup
24/7 monitoring and emergency support

Quick resolution of application errors

When updating the website, many issues such as broken images, upload errors, etc. can crop up. These could be because of application settings or web server limits. We work with your customers to quickly locate the source of the error and fix the issue.

In our web server management services, we use several troubleshooting methods such as log analysis, process tracing and usage tests to quickly figure out exactly what’s broken. In case an app or server error is detected, further tests are done to make sure there are no other related errors.


24/7 help to resolve configuration errors

Learning an application can be tough for users. Some settings can conflict with others, leading to support calls. We help your customers configure their applications to meet their business requirements.

Each customer’s need is unique. The way a customer uses a feature can vary from one to another. So, we take care to understand the actual need of a customer before assisting them with a solution. This helps us to give a complete solution in one support call – helping the customer save time.


high availability web server setup
24/7 monitoring and emergency support

Fast resolution of browser/network errors

It is not uncommon for an application to be blocked by an anti-virus in the customer’s PC, or a plugin in the customer’s browser. We help your customers quickly detect browser or network errors in their PC, and help them fix the issues.

Most customers find it difficult to understand how a particular PC setting can affect an application. So, it is important to explain why a setting change needs to be made. It will ensure that the customer would not face a similar issue in future.


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