3 ways to easily change Joomla admin password

3 ways to easily change Joomla admin password

Password protecting websites and software is vital to ensure that unauthorized users or hackers do not steal or mess up with the confidential data in your site, but only authorized users can access it.

But during certain scenarios such as security updates, account locks or hacks, losing or forgetting the password, etc., even the valid users may be unable to access their accounts with the available login credentials.

In such instances, password resets are inevitable for website software. If your website runs Joomla software, you can change the admin password in different ways, depending on the level of server access you have.

Today we’ll see how to change Joomla admin password from both the Admin dashboard and the database, with simple steps.

How to change Joomla admin password from the website backend

Joomla has an administrator user account, which can be used to manage the software and other user accounts in it. This admin user can manage Joomla and reset user account passwords from the Admin Dashboard.

To reset the password of user accounts, you can login to the Admin Dashboard as the administrator and update the details. As a security measure, it is advisable to periodically reset the user accounts passwords to stronger ones.

Also, if you know the current admin password, you can change that too from this website backend for Joomla, with these steps:

  1. Login to the back end of your Joomla website – http://domain.com/administrator – with the admin username and password.
  2. Under the Users Menu, select the Super User account.
  3. You can now ‘Edit Profile’ for admin user and change the login name, password and email address for this ‘admin’ account.
  4. Click Save & Close. You can now logout and login to the admin interface with the newly set password.


Change Joomla admin password

Change Joomla admin password


User passwords can also be reset with ‘Lost Password’ link in the Joomla site. But things may not be so easy all the time. There maybe cases when you forgot the admin password or the account gets hacked and you are unable to access it with the password.

It is not possible to change Joomla admin password with a ‘Lost Password‘ link, unlike other user accounts. In such cases, you need to manually reset it from the database.

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Here, we’ll see the steps to easily change Joomla admin password from the database.

How to change Joomla admin password from the database

In Joomla, a MySQL database is used to store data such as articles, menus, categories and users. To update the password in the Joomla database, first we have to identify the database name for the particular installation.

In the Joomla installation directory, locate the file “configuration.php“. This file defines Joomla settings and contains the details of the MySQL database for Joomla and its username and password.


change joomla admin password - config file

Joomla configuration file


Find the database name give for the entry “$db“.  Access the MySQL server from backend after connecting to the server via SSH. In the ‘mysql’ prompt, choose this database using the command:

mysql> use database-name

Verify the entry for the ‘admin’ user in the database table ‘*_users‘. It will display the id, username, password, email, etc. for the admin user.

mysql> select * from *_users where username='admin';

But the password displayed would be in MD5 format, which is an encrypted form. So we would have to reset the password to a new strong one.

To update the password for the admin user, use the update command:

mysql> update *_users set password=MD5("new-password") where username="admin";


Here is a snippet of the above steps to change Joomla admin password from the MySQL database:


Change Joomla admin password from database

Change Joomla admin password from database


This will change Joomla admin password to ‘new-password’ and you would now be able to login to the admin portal using this password.

If the Joomla admin user account itself got deleted, then it is possible to add a super user by inserting a new row into the users table.

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