How to perform cPanel to cPanel migration with zero downtime

Server migrations are indispensable in web hosting industry, when a hard disk failure happens or a data center change has to be performed. A business expansion or need for enhanced security can also trigger a server migration.

Performing server migrations play a critical role in our Outsourced Tech Support services for web hosting companies. As cPanel is one of the major web hosting control panel, cPanel to cPanel migration is commonly performed by our experts.

At Bobcares, server migrations are executed with proper planning and utmost caution, or else it can lead to website downtime. Today, we’ll see how we handle cPanel to cPanel migrations efficiently for our customers who are web hosts.

Pre-migration checklist for cPanel to cPanel migration

To ensure that the migration happens without any failures, our cPanel technicians follow a pre-migration checklist that covers all checks to be ensured before performing the migration. This include:

1. Connectivity between the two servers

The source and destination servers should be able to communicate with each other. The checks we do, include removing any firewall blocks and establishing SSH connectivity to the required port.

2. Compatibility of application versions and enabled modules

The destination server is installed and configured with cPanel/WHM, PHP/MySQL versions and settings, PHP modules, Apache version and modules, other custom software, etc. that are compatible with the ones in the source server, to avoid any site errors.

3. Disks and the partitions in the new server

Number of partitions and disk space availability is ensured in the destination server so as to map the data from the source server optimally and without causing any disk space errors.

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4. IP address availability in new server

Every cPanel server would have a main shared IP and one or more dedicated IPs for some domains. We perform IP mapping from source to destination server to avoid IP wastage and to fulfill the requirement of sites.

5. Reseller account and addon domain list

There are different types of accounts in cPanel servers, such as reseller accounts which possess multiple accounts under them and Addon domains which are parked over ordinary domains. Making a list of these helps us to check and confirm them in the new server.

6. SSL certificates

SSL certificates are specific to the domains. We check and copy these SSL certificates to the new server to ensure SSL availability in the destination server too.


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