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Dedicated Server Support – 5 tips to find the best Support Company

Maintaining a Dedicated Server can be a chore.

You need to apply security patches, verify backups, upgrade apps, and more – just to keep the server running without fail.

Even despite all this, things can still break.

Server owners often face blacklisted IPs, database crashes, application errors, and more – while expert help would be either non-existent or slow at best.

That is where an Outsourced Dedicated Server Support company can make a difference.

A good support company will monitor your servers 24/7, restore failed services, keep it optimized, and come to your help within minutes if you need support.

That raises the question – How do you find the best dedicated server support company?


1. Breadth of services

24/7 monitoring, Proactive maintenance, On-demand support

If you are paying a company to take care of your servers, it makes sense that you should be free of any tech headaches.

But some support companies use clever sentences to highlight what they provide, and do not mention what they don’t.

For example, there are 24/7 monitoring companies that do not restore a failed service. They just send you an alert when a service goes down. What use is an alert if you’re away from your computer or otherwise unable to attend the issue?

When considering a company:

  • Look at what they offer under 24/7 monitoring, server security, server performance and disaster recovery.
  • Specifically ask about what’s not included.
  • Read their FAQ, and customer reviews about each service.


2. Experience in your technology

Web servers, App hosting, VPN hosting, or others

When you are pressed for time (eg. when the server has crashed), you need your sysadmin to be decisive – to act fast and fix the issue, the right way the first time.

You don’t have time for guesswork or trial and error.

That is why it is important to hire a company that is experienced in your industry, and your technology.

Experienced admins would have seen an issue before, and can zero in on the root cause within minutes.

During emergencies, this can save you several hours of business downtime.

When considering a support company:

  • Check their blogs for content relevant to your industry and technology.
  • Read reviews from customers in your industry.
  • Ask them for a consultation on how they can take care of your infrastructure – an experienced company will give you specific measures in simple language.


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