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Top 4 benefits of using a Dedicated Support Team

Running an online business is hard.

You need to ensure 100% uptime & blazing fast speed for your services, provide 24/7 super-fast tech support, and on top of all that you need to take care of sales, marketing, accounts, billing, staff churn, training, and what not.

We often talk to company owners who say, “I hardly get time to do web designing, which I love. Instead I’m buried in paperwork and tech support calls.

Some business owners hire inhouse staff to ease their workload, but more often that not, it just substitutes one kind of work for another. They spend as much time managing the staff as they used to spend in tech support.

What if you can reap all the benefits of hiring a team of experts, but with none of its headaches?

That’s exactly what you get with an Support Engineers Team.

Dedicated support is a form of outsourced support service, in which the experts assigned to your company works exclusively for you.

For all intents and purpose, these experts are like your own employees, who works from a remote location.

Here at Bobcares, we provide Support Engineers Teams as part of our Outsourced Tech Support services, and a majority of our customers choose this support model because of its flexibility choice of work, and availability.

What makes the Dedicated Support model popular?

To find out, we went through our sales queries for the past 6 months, and here are the top benefits companies see with dedicated support.


1. Customized support

Unlike in Shared Support, where you share engineers with other companies, Dedicated support gives you exclusive access to a team of experts.

This allows you to set your own rules for the method of working, the type of tasks or amount of work allocated to your team.

Some common ways in which our customers use our dedicated teams are:

  • Server provisioning – Cloud and VPS hosts use dedicated techs to deliver highly customized server provisioning.
  • Super-fast tech support – Some of our ISP and Web hosting customers want tickets responded in 15 mins or less.
  • Server farm monitoring & maintenance – Complex infrastructure needs highly specialized monitoring and response.
  • Escalated issue resolution – Some issues need an expert’s eye and in-depth analysis. Having an expert on call helps.
  • Tier 1 support & triage – A few large ISPs use our support team to quickly resolve tickets, and pass on the complex ones to the systems engineering team.

So, if you want to deliver your own personalized brand of customer interaction, or if you have a complex set of requirements, dedicated support will be an ideal fit for you.


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2. Multi-channel and multi-speciality service

Shared support model of working usually comes with restrictions on what channel is supported (eg. Help desk support).

There might also be restrictions on what kind of issues can be handled (eg. no server alert management).

With Dedicated support, there are no such restrictions. You can use the work hours of the experts in whichever way you wish.

The engineers can provide end-customer support through multiple channels like Email, Live Chat, Social media and Help Desk.

If you want the experts to take care of server alerts, billing issues or pre-sales queries, that is also possible.


3. Operations management

What would you do when you have a team of experts with years of experience in your business?

Of course, you’d want to take care of your customers and servers. But, there’s more that they can do.

Here at Bobcares, our customers use our engineers to manage operations and ask important questions:

  • Data center billing reconciliationDid we really use so much bandwidth? Why?
  • Software license renewalDo we really need this software? Is there a better deal?
  • New customer hand-holding – “Yes, we’ll take care of the entire site migration for you”
  • Copyright / DMCA disputes – “Yes, we will work with the site owner to resolve this.”
  • IP & Website reputation issuesHow can we prevent this from happening again?
  • Support desk monitoring & inter-department coordination
  • Account upgrades & migration
  • Capacity planningHeavy accounts should go to Server X to balance out the load in Server Y.
  • ..And more

When experienced hands can help you make the difficult decisions in your business, you can spend more time on things that absolutely need your attention. A dedicated support team is ideally positioned to deliver just that.


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4. Business consultation & Latest technology

A dedicated support team essentially works as a part of your company, and have a shared vision about how you want to conduct your business and grow your company.

Here at Bobcares, we take an active effort in identifying opportunities for improvement, both in the functioning of the team and in the way our customer’s company operates.

For example, we have something called a Quarterly Business Review in which our senior management, the account manager and key dedicated team members discuss key performance metrics, and introduce ideas to improve the servers and services.

We identify areas where new technology can make a difference, and keep our customers up-to-date with the latest technological trends.

This close model of working is possible only with a dedicated support team.



Dedicated support team is an outsourced support model in which the engineers assigned to your company works exclusively for you. It is a better model of working when compared to Shared support because you get 100% customized support, tailored business consultation, operations management, and more.



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