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Dedicated Support Services – What is it? Do you need it?

As your business grows, you’ll need help taking care of some parts of your daily activities – be it customer support, billing, account or inhouse upkeep.

This need is particularly strong in online businesses like web hosting, web designing or online publishing where almost all customer transactions happen online.

At this point, business owners have a choice:

  • Hire a person inhouse.
  • Contract an external company to take care of some functions, like tech support.

In an earlier post, why many companies find it competitive to outsource their support.

If you are considering outsourcing customer support or tech support, you again have 2 choices of support model:

  • Shared support
  • Dedicated support services


What is shared support?

Let’s say you contract a company or even a remote worker to take care of your support.

Does that person work only for you?

Outsourced support providers save costs by having the same person support multiple companies. This is called the shared support model.

That’s a good choice for you if you don’t have too much work for another person, and can share that person’s time with another company.

But if you are not comfortable with another company time-sharing a person you contracted, you’ll need to consider dedicated support services.


What do you mean by dedicated support services?

In this support model, the person contracted to work for you will use 100% of the time for your company.

For all intents and purpose, this person is an employee in your company, though working from a remote location.

Here at Bobcares, we have both Shared support and Dedicated support models of tech support.

An overwhelming majority of our customers choose the dedicated support model because of its flexibility choice of work, and availability.

That leads us to the question:


Why choose dedicated support services?

Going by the feedback from our customers, these are the 3 major benefits they have had from our dedicated support services:


1. 100% customized support

When you have a team that works exclusively for you, you can set the rules of customer management.

If you want support tickets responded within 5 minutes, and resolved within 30, you’ll get it. There are really no constraints.

With dedicated support, the scope is not limited to just tech support. If an issue requires a server rebuild or complex system administration, your dedicated engineer will be free to pursue it to the end.

This works with the kind of issues as well. For eg. if you need billing issues or pre-sales issues handled while you are away, that can also be done.


2. Business consultation and latest technology

Dedicated support techs virtually become part of your company, and over time will know what challenges you need help with the most.

We have here many stories in which our engineers suggest process or technology changes to fix a recurring problem.

For eg. a web host we support kept getting their IP blacklisted due to spam.

Our engineers saw this trend of recurring complaints and implemented mail server limits, and anti-spam measures that put a stop to spamming and customer complaints.

This level of proactiveness comes as part of the engineer being a part of the company.


3. Operations management

It is not just the technical matters that we help our customers with.

Anything that relates to the day-to-day operations of the business can be managed by our engineers.

Some examples include software license management, datacenter billing reconciliation, account transfers, renewals or upgrades, and many more.

Our objective with the dedicated support services is to help you be free from mundane activities so that you can focus on grow your business.



Dedicated support services is an outsourced support model in which the engineers assigned to your company works exclusively for you. It is a better model of working when compared to Shared support because you get 100% customized support, tailored business consultation, operations management, and more.



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