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DirectAdmin error “Cannot assign requested address” – How to resolve

by | Jun 21, 2021

Stuck with DirectAdmin error “Cannot assign requested address”? We can help you.

As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several DirectAdmin queries.

Today, let us discuss the steps to install DirectAdmin and how to fix this error.

How to install DirectAdmin?

Today, let us see simple steps followed by our Support Techs to install DirectAdmin.

Firstly, login as root to your server, download the installation script, and run it:

bash <(curl -Ss || wget -O - auto

It automatically installs everything for you, including the CSF firewall.

It can also be called without the‘auto’ option, which requires input but allows for customization.

Please note the hostname should not be the same as the primary domain name. e.g. is not a good hostname, where is.

Having the same host/main domain name will cause e-mail and FTP problems. Also, please make sure the hostname resolves once you set up DNS.


How to resolve “Cannot assign requested address” error?

The above error would imply that the IP that was specified for the install is not a valid IP address on your machine.

If you are running a LAN or behind a NAT with a different IP on the machine that would be visible from the internet.

  • In order to resolve it, when it asks for which Ethernet device.
  • Make sure you pick the device that holds the LAN IP (often eth0, ens192, venet0, etc).
  • Enter the external license IP, and not the LAN IP when asked.

You can test out the command by running:

wget –bind-address=

where is the IP address in your license file. If you get the same error with the –bind-address option, then that IP is not present or valid in your network device.

The 2nd wget command should work from within a LAN.

You can run


to see what IP’s are present in your network device. Make sure the IP in your license is present somewhere in the output.

The IP in your license file *must* be present and working in the network device.

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Today, we discussed about DirectAdmin installation steps and how our Support Techs resolved “Cannot assign requested address” error.


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