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Disable public access for an AWS DMS replication DB |Tips

by | Nov 16, 2021

Want to disable public access for an AWS DMS replication DB? You are in luck! Our in-house experts have a solution that will get this done in a jiffy.

Today, at Bobcares, we resolve queries like this and more as part of our AWS Support Services.

Moving on, let’s find out how our Support Team disables public access for a replication instance.

All About disabling public access for an AWS DMS replication DB

An AWS Database Migration Service can have one private IP address and one public IP address, just like an Amazon EC2 instance that has a public IP address.

In order to use the public IP address, you have to select the Publicly accessible option while creating the replication instance. An alternative way would be to specify –publicly-accessible option while creating the replication instance via the AWS Command Line Interface.

However, if you wind up unchecking the Publicly accessible box, the replication instance will have only a private IP address. Consequently, the replication instance will be able to communicate with a host in the same Amazon VPC which can also communicate with the private IP address.

Furthermore, the replication instance can also communicate with a privately connected host. For instance via VPC peering, VPN, or AWS Direct Connect.

Our Support Engineers would like to point out that after replication instance creation, you will not be able to modify the Publicly accessible option.

How to disable public access for an AWS DMS replication DB

The only way to disable public access to the replication instance would be to delete it and then recreate it. Moreover, you also need to delete all the tasks that rely on the replication instance.

Rather than recreating the replication instance, you can also opt to change the subnets in the subnet group associated with the replication instance to private subnets.

A private subnet isn’t routed to an Internet gateway. Thereby, instances in a private subnet are not allowed to communicate with a public IP address, even if they one themselves.

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In a nutshell, we saw how to disable public access for an AWS DMS replication. The Support Engineers at Bobcares demonstrated two ways this can be done.


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