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Eximstats database is too large – How to resolve

by | Oct 14, 2021

Stuck with Eximstats database is too large error? We can help you.

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Today, let us see procedure followed by our Support Techs in order to perform this task.


Eximstats database is too large


On servers with lower disk performance, you can observe that the below script causes load.


By default, cPanel will check for spammers and notify the admin on the server.

This functionality is facilitated by a cron that runs the below task:


This script queries the Eximstats database.

It can cause a load on the server if this database gets too large.

For example:

/var/cpanel/eximstats_db.sqlite3 (8GB)

The default retention for this database is 10 days.

But many servers may configure for 30 days.

The previous default for this option used to be 30 days in a previous version of cPanel.

Today, let us see the simple steps followed by our Support Techs to resolve it.

If this functionality is required, reducing the retention days for Eximstats is recommended.

  • Firstly, login to WHM
  • Then, navigate to Tweak Settings
  • Under “Stats and Logs” log for option:

The interval, in days, to retain Exim stats in the database

  • Toggle the default option or reduce the enter a custom number of days.
  • Finally, click save to match the change active

Please note during cPanel updates, it will prune the additional data down to the size selected for the number of days to return eximstats information.


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In short, today we saw steps followed by our Support Techs resolve Eximstats database is too large error.



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