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How to save for future

United Nations has declared 2010 as the “International Year of Biodiversity“. This ‘World Environment Day’, we have an opportunity to convey the importance of bio-diversity; in the well-being of our planet. Let this day highlight the achievements of Human race to safeguard our ecosystem. Let’s channelize our efforts for preserving the biodiversity of our planet.

The Human race and our economy is integrated to the ecology in entirety! Our society is totally dependent on the ecosystem for various ‘resources’. Resource – the terminology we constantly use for the services rendered by the ecosystem.

What can be done

The demand for ecosystem services are rising, fueled by the growth in population and economic development. Still, the sense of urgency to preserve our ecosystem has not been the priority. It is worth noting that conserving the ecosystem is the only means, that leads to long term prosperity. Environmentalists have long preached this. Business(s), governments and society at large are still catching up?

The conservation community and NGO’s have considerable knowledge of ecosystems, including methods of effective management or resources, and it’s preservation. Business(s) could bring in the much needed capital, research and technology. Governments define norms and impose policies that promote practices that are environment friendly. Layman needs to be aware of all this and has to stay supportive.

Doesn’t that look very well defined and realistic? Yes; If this turns into reality, that is all it takes to preserve the habitat you live in. Ironically, even when I say so, I referred to the ecosystem as our habitat, when in fact it is not just our habitat!

You know a solution to this ‘preserving the ecology thing’. Biological parks, Wildlife sanctuaries and ecological conservation projects! … Not really. There is much more to that.

How can I contribute?

A few tricks like turning the computers off when not in use, promoting recycling or working @home(wow! you could suggest that to your boss. Let him work @home!) to save earth, is something that is known to all. But it is in the efficiency of systems that use natural service sources, that we need much of re-structuring. The role each individual plays here, is vital. This perspective would warrant an ecological expert in every individual. An expert who audits various systems in one’s day to day life, to identify the impact to the eco-system. Look at the business impact on ecosystems; you could surely find ways to contribute to this noble cause of preserving the diversity of our ecology.

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