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Improve phone support efficiency – Let us see the tips

by | Apr 16, 2021

Wondering how to Improve phone support efficiency? We can help you.

A phone support solution integrated with all other support channels can help teams improve efficiency, save time and money.

Bobcares provides Technical Support along with Phone Support for online businesses such as web hosts, digital agencies, data centers, and more.

Today let us discuss a few key points to improve phone support efficiency.


How to Improve phone support efficiency

Here are general tips to keep in mind in order to reduce phone support overhead:

  • Put information at the agent’s fingertips

When you hire an agent it is crucial that you provide them with information. We should give them access to the customer profiles so that they can have prior knowledge of the customer on call.

Access to the customer details or ticketing system will help agents to check prior conversations. If the customers feel like they are known, it adds up to our benefit.

At Bobcares, we provide dedicated agents to manage phone support for our clients. Since we have a secure client database, our dedicated techs have access to it. This helps them keep track of customers and their queries.

  • Streamline routing

It is our basic instinct to pick up the phone when we come across any issue. Personally, we feel more safe or protected when we get assurance from someone regarding our query.

A customer on call will not be interested in chit-chats or may not have the patience to wait for their call to go through someone other than their support team.

Hence, we must have a well-designed IVR routing system, or phone tree, that allows callers to select who they need to speak to. Generally, this can help improve the first-call resolution, decrease handle time, and increase customer satisfaction.

Here, at Bobcares, we have an agent who is the first-hand response to our customer calls. He/she then transfers the call to respective departments.

  • Practice Active Listening

We need to see our customer as a real human who has a question or concern that needs an answer. Active listening is a key skill set to make them feel understood, heard, and served.

At Bobcares, once the customer finishes, make sure we understand what they actually intend. In addition, we finish the conversation with a quick summary to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Empathize With Customers

The ability to understand what the customer feels is empathy. While listening to the customer, we must step into their shoes and imagine how it makes them feel. This is important because the customer will be more receptive if we understand them.

  • Use Positive Language

Make it a practice to use positive connotations. Verbs made use positively can take away the stress.

For example, instead of saying “don’t hit the red button” say “the green button is the best option.” The future tense is also positive as it does not dwell on the customer’s past issues. Phrases like “Great question, I’ll find that out for you!” and “I’d love to understand more about …” can keep the customer in the present moment.

In addition, at Bobcares, we ensure that the information we provide is authentic. We stay positive, memorable, and calm even if the customer is angry.

  • Improve Technical Skills

Before interacting with customers, we should fully understand the ticketing system and improve typing speed. This can give the customer a positive feeling that the issue is being looked into as soon a possible.

Here, at Bobcares, we give training to our agents on the customers and their portals. We also encourage our agents to daily improve their computer skills.

  • Clear Communication

The ability to effortlessly communicate is essential, especially when we confront someone with a different native language. Our answers should be clear, concise, and in a natural tone of voice.

Make sure to end your conversation with, “Is there anything else I can do for you today?”. Hence they have an opportunity to ask another question and we know we have done everything we can to resolve the issue.

In addition, be sure to communicate hold times if we put them on hold while we pull up their account or talk to our manager.

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To conclude, we saw some key points to improve phone support efficiency. To find out more about our support services, Contact Us or have a look at our Blog Posts.


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