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Install Premium SSL in the SolusVM with ease

by | Nov 19, 2021

Install Premium SSL in the SolusVM like a pro with Bobcares by your side

Our Support Engineers thrive on coming up with solutions for queries all day long as a part of our Server Management Service.

Let’s take a look at how our Support Team helped out a customer by installing Premium SSL in the SolusVM recently.

How to install Premium SSL in the SolusVM

If you are looking for a way to install Premium SSL you have to the right place. Our Support Engineers are here to help you go ahead and successfully install Premium SSL in SolusVM.

First, we have to order an SSL certificate from our provider. Furthermore, to get this done, we will need a CSR that uses the SolusVM Master’s Key.

In order to generate the key as well as the CSR on the SolusVM Master, follow these steps:

# cd /usr/local/solusvm/ssl
# openssl genrsa -out solusvm.key 2048
# openssl req -new -nodes -key solusvm.key -out solusvm.csr

Furthermore, the last command generates the CSR and also asks a number of questions. Here are a few points to remember:

  • Use the full name in the ‘State’ filled without abbreviating it.
  • ’Common Name‘ is the hostname of the server.
  • You can hit return to bypass ‘Challenge Phrase’ as it is optional.

After this process, we will be left with a CSR file that we can use to order an SSL certificate from our preferred provider.

Our Support Engineers would like to point out that we have to select ‘Apache’ as the server type while ordering the certificate.

After we purchase the SSL for the SolusVM Master, we will follow this link to configure the SSL on the server.

[Looking for further assistance? We are here to lend a hand.]


At the end of the day, we learned how to install Premium SSL in SolusVM under the guidance of the skilled Support Engineers at Bobcares.


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