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3 reasons to outsource your hosting support

Outsourcing has always been a matter of debate for hosting companies. Should I outsource hosting support? How to choose the best support provider? How can I get the best out of it?

Hosting providers often reflect through many such questions, when it comes to outsourcing. Let’s have a look at the three main reasons why you should outsource your hosting tech support.

1. You need to innovate

Competition is ever increasing, so are customer demands! With industry giants like Google and Amazon providing low-cost cloud solutions, traditional hosting companies find it very hard to cope in the market.

That’s where innovation plays a major role. From launching new service plans to automating processes, innovation should happen in every nook and corner of the business.

Constant innovation helps companies not just to save time and effort. Venturing into new markets and finding ways to attract more customers, is indispensable for business survival.

2. You need an experienced partner

Technology is rapidly evolving. Early adoption of latest technology is vital to ensure that you gain competitive advantage over your industry competitors.

For this, you should be updated about all the latest technology, market demand and industry best practices. But it is not easy, unless you put in effort and time to gain that wide spread exposure.

Having an experienced support partner, benefits you there. They help you gain insights into the technology that suits you most, emerging trends in business and the best practices to delight customer experience.

3. You need to conserve capital

It’s tough to say ‘No’ to your customer, without risking a cancellation. Customers flock to web hosts who provide them a delightful support experience, which enables them to run their business effortlessly.

But, for this to happen, you need to spend countless hours on server maintenance and support, and always be on alert. This can leave you with no time to focus on your core business development.

Hiring and managing an inhouse team is equally cumbersome, not to mention the huge costs incurred. Outsourcing hosting support to an expert support provider can help you focus on your key business, without spending much money.

Why choose Bobcares as your outsource hosting support partner

With over 16 years of experience as outsourced hosting support partner for businesses that range from online websites to data centers, we have been able to acquire an all-round technical capability.

From shared and dedicated to VPS, cloud and application hosting, the hosting industry has evolved so much over time. We enable our customers to swiftly adapt and excel in this evolution process by guiding them in the latest technology and best practices.

We engage your customers via HelpDesk, Email, Phone, Live Chat or Social Media, and build excellent customer relationships. Your customers feel they’re talking to your own staff, while we pass on the savings from backend management to you.

Interested to figure out how Bobcares can help your business? Click here to know how, we’d be happy to talk to you.

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