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4 reasons why you need outsourced server management to grow your business

4 reasons why you need outsourced server management to grow your business

Servers are the back bones of every online business. You won’t be able to ensure a smooth hosting experience to your customers if your servers are always coughing and crying.

Having an efficient outsourced server management services for your servers is indispensable to keep your business rolling and to stay ahead in the industry.

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Here we’ll see the top 4 benefits you’d gain by choosing an expert outsourced server management services for your servers.

1. Custom server setup

Every server is different. A server that is used for WordPress hosting may require a different set of configuration compared to the one that is used for gaming purposes.

Knowing your business requirements is vital to configure the server in the best way. At Bobcares, we review your business requirements and choose the server specifications and settings that suit the most.

During the initial server setup, we implement industry-best practices to configure the server for an optimal performance and secure it to protect from vulnerability exploits and attacks.

This initial setup and hardening process helps us to ensure the maximum utilization of every server resource and makes your servers robust enough to resist any impending threat.

2. Fool-proof security

Server security needs no further explanation! Your server should be protected from attacks, patched from vulnerabilities, updated with latest software and secured from spamming.

Bobcares team perform server security audits, with the help of expert technicians. Real people monitor server events 24/7 to prevent security issues such as brute force attacks, spamming, hack attempts, DoS, etc.

New methods of attacks, exploits and malware come out all the time. We have a 24/7 security specialists team who keep track of the latest vulnerabilities and threats in the online world.

With this list, we periodically review and update the server security settings to protect them from such vulnerabilities and hackers. This include updating server software or patching them to pre-empt any possible attacks.

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3. 24/7 uptime assurance

Uptime is crucial in any online business. A server which cannot guarantee uptime for its critical services, is often considered unreliable and customers would leave for better providers.

An expert outsourced server management team is able to help you deliver that uptime for your servers and the services in it. One of the critical tasks that helps in ensuring uptime is, service monitoring.

Bobcares has a team of 24/7 server specialists who monitor the critical services in your servers and its performance parameters such as CPU usage, Disk I/O, server load, page load speed, etc.

This ’round the clock’ monitoring helps us to prevent service quality deterioration for our customers. Coupled with our 24×7 prompt Incident response team, any server issue is resolved as soon as it pops up.

Our team also perform server health checks, which helps us to quickly detect and resolve software RAID errors, memory issues, network errors, etc. With these prompt actions, we are able to prevent any serious damage that can occur to servers or websites.

4. Ensure server stability

A server’s stability is determined by various parameters such as the speed, load, service uptime, server software, etc. Even a single software conflict or configuration error can mess up the server.

With our outsourced server management services, Bobcares’ server experts keep system software updated, without incurring any downtime or software conflicts.

All critical server performance aspects such as database lag, page load time, etc. are audited periodically, and services are re-optimized to ensure a better performance.

Backup and system recovery management is another vital aspect we take care of. We configure fool-proof backups, test them for integrity, and in case of a system crash, recover the data from backups.

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To add on..

In addition to these outsourced server management tasks, we also offer on-demand server administration services for customers. Whether it is migration, software install or anything else, we offer them at affordable pricing.

If you’d like know more about how our server management support can help you grow your business, feel free to contact us.



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