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5 key points to consider while choosing a server management company

Outsourcing tech support to a server management company helps web hosts to focus on the core business and at the same time, ensure excellent quality support to their customers.

Many web hosting providers now consider outsourcing or try a combination of in-house and offsite teams to deliver ’round the clock’ support services to their customers at affordable costs.

But it would be a detrimental move if you choose the support provider only on the basis of pricing. If the support quality is poor or service is not reliable, it would land you in more trouble. 

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Today, we’ll see the list of questions to ask your server management company to prevent any such adverse outcome, should you decide to outsource your customer support.

1. Knowledgeable staff

The first and foremost aspect to consider is the qualification of the staff. Your server contains the live business of your customers and you cannot take a risk when it comes to managing it.

While a college student may suffice to handle simple issues such as email account creation, a qualified professional who knows the inside-out working of servers is indispensable to protect your server from vulnerability or attack.

Another crucial parameter to check is the English communication skills of the support staff. They should be smart enough to quickly comprehend the customers’ issues and to gather all relevant information without the back and forth shuttling of emails.

At Bobcares, we invest a lot of time and effort in recruiting and training highly qualified engineers to work on your servers. With our exhaustive screening tests, we validate that the engineers are equally skilled in technical and communication aspects.

Our phone support team is based in US and consists of native English-speaking customer support specialists with years of experience in web hosting and related industries. This helps us to deliver fully transparent support services to our customers.

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2. Industry experience

It pays to think thrice before you choose an inexperienced server management company over an experienced one, just on the basis of pricing. Collective experience and knowledge of a technical support company is extremely important.

An experienced server management company would have seen and fixed most of the common issues that can surface in a web hosting industry. With their reservoir of knowledge, an experienced company would give you better technical support experience.

Another advantage you’d reap when you collaborate with an experienced company is their experience handling different categories of customers and businesses. These customer insights would greatly aid you in expanding and growing your business further.

In Bobcares, for example, we have about 300 support engineers who work on thousands of technical tickets every day. With our custom knowledge sharing methods, our team is able to fix most server problems within minutes.

With our expertise handling different hosting servers for about two decades, we are able to provide value-added consultation to web hosts regarding the preventive measures to be taken in both, their servers and their business.

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