Top 8 best practices in cpanel server management

Top 8 best practices in cpanel server management

cPanel is one of the commonly used control panels in web hosting servers. For web hosts to provide a smooth hosting experience to their customers, an efficient cPanel server management system has to be in place.

Every server require regular maintenance and constant monitoring to prevent a sudden crash or a downtime that can adversely affect the customer businesses hosted in it.

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Anything from an undetected hardware error to a DOS attack can end up affecting your server uptime. Bobcares engineers help web hosts achieve the service uptime guaranteed to their customers.

Today, we’ll give you a glimpse of those best practices that we follow as a part of our cPanel server management services, which helps us deliver the best support and create happy customers worldwide.

1. Latest backups for disaster recovery

Server crashes or human errors can tamper with your valuable server data. Data loss is often a panicky situation for web hosts, and that’s where backups come in as the savior.

cPanel has features to backup the server data. But if not configured and managed properly, these backups may fail or get corrupted, and would be insufficient during a server disaster.

In our role as Server management specialists for web hosting companies, we combat this problem with these preventive measures:

  1. A fool-proof backup policy that backs up data based on their importance and customer requirement.
  2. Performing backups during off-peak hours to avoid normal server traffic from getting affected.
  3. Configuring backups in external locations to avoid risk of losing the backups in the event of server outages.
  4. Combining full backups and incremental backups to reduce overhead on disk space and resources.
  5. Real time monitoring of backup process to verify that it has completed without any failures or errors.

With the help of periodic test restore activities, we are able to confirm that the backups are the latest and sufficient enough to avoid a business downtime for web hosts.

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2. Protection against IP blacklisting

Getting blacklisted in spam databases such as Spamhaus and SORBS is a concern for many web hosts, as it often leads to customer complaints about mail delivery failures.

Servers can get blacklisted if spam or too many unsolicited mails are sent from them to other mail servers. This can happen due to many reasons such as a malicious script or a bulk mailer software.

At Bobcares, our engineers regularly monitor the email queue and scan the server to detect any anomaly and cut it off immediately before it could affect the server reputation and cause it to end up in blacklists.

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3. 99.99% service uptime assurance

In web hosting, servers run a multitude of services such as web, SQL, mail, DNS and so on. A single configuration error or an abrupt traffic spike, anything can mess up with the service uptime.

To ensure 99.99% uptime for the web hosting services offered by web hosts to their customers, we perform these tasks.

  • Our 24/7 expert technicians monitor the critical services in the server to detect any service errors.
  • With our prompt trouble-shooting and efficient debugging skills, we promptly fix all issues detected.
  • We configure and setup cPanel cluster for web hosts who require fail over setup for their critical services and websites.

With our fool-proof server management techniques and personalized support, we’ve been able to win over the customers, within a few weeks of service provision.



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4. Efficient disk space utilization

Over time and usage, the disk space in cPanel servers can get used up. If the disk usage near to 100%, it can lead to server not functioning well or crashing often.

Many often, server owners fail to notice these scenarios, which can use up the free disk space:

  • Too many old log files, core dump files, old backups, etc. can use up the disk space.
  • Huge databases or even website content can fill up the disk space abruptly or over time.
  • If the inode usage of files in a server goes high, it can lead to issues in the server.

To avoid such issues, we follow these steps while managing cPanel servers for web hosts.

  1. Configuring custom scripts to alert us when the disk usage goes beyond a limit, which helps us to free off space.
  2. Rotating the log files in a timely manner and routinely clearing up the unwanted files such as core dump or temporary files.
  3. Migrating accounts to another server or adding more disk space, when a server hard disk gets used up.
  4. Hard disk monitoring with RAID alarms and inspections with SMART checks to timely detect bad sectors and avoid sudden hard drive crash.


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