Top 6 best practices in Plesk server management

Top 6 best practices in Plesk server management

Plesk is one of the commonly used control panels in web hosting servers. Bobcares engineers help web hosts provide a smooth hosting experience to their customers with our efficient Plesk server management services.

Anything from an undetected hardware error to a DOS attack can impact server uptime. So regular maintenance and monitoring of servers is vital to prevent a downtime that adversely affects the customer businesses hosted in them.

Today, we’ll give you a glimpse of those best practices that we follow as a part of our Plesk server management services, which helps us deliver the best support and create happy customers worldwide.

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1. Customized server setup

Servers differ from each other based on their business requirements. Each server owner requires custom software installations or service settings for their servers. With our experience setting up servers for varied hosting businesses, we are able to configure the server infrastructure for all categories of web hosts.

At Bobcares, as a part of our initial server setup of Plesk servers, we install the Plesk Onyx control panel, set the hostname, name servers, performs IP mapping, configure the services, harden the server and install all custom and 3rd party applications.

We also provide personalized responses in a timely manner, which elevates the customer satisfaction. Our intermittent status updates help customers to know what is going on in their servers.

In cases where accounts have to be transferred from other hosting to your Plesk server or for expanding the business, we plan and perform such migrations without incurring any downtime for the websites.

2. Server optimization for performance

A slow server is equivalent to a dead one. Key resources such as CPU, I/O, bandwidth, memory, etc. may get overused and slow down the server, if not managed properly.

Bobcares server technicians help web hosts utilize their server resources in an optimal manner, without wasting or abusing them, with these measures.

  1. We tweak the services such as Apache, MySQL, IIS, Lightspeed, Qmail, MailEnable, etc. and perform server optimization to avoid overloading the server resources and to boost the system performance.
  2. By setting resource limits (memory, CPU and I/O) for user accounts in Plesk servers, we are able to handle peak traffic without high load, which helps to increase the website availability.
  3. In addition to the initial optimization, we also regularly monitor the service performance and perform continual tweaking process to protect the server from memory hogging and resource abuse.

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3. Server hardening for security

A vulnerable application or a malicious script, anything can risk your server and get it hacked. Your hard earned business and reputation would go for a toss, if you cannot ensure the safety and security of your servers.

That’s why Bobcares server specialists focus on server security as a key factor.

  1. To protect the servers against hack, we harden the servers using firewalls and block access to the server from unauthorized users and networks.
  2. We follow a strong password policy, audit the server for vulnerable software and patch them in a proactive manner to avoid hacks and attacks that may happen.
  3. By securing qmail mail server, we protect the server from spammers. By integrating mail queue scanners, we prevent malware and viruses from getting in and messing up security.
  4. Other security measures we do include PHP hardening, ASP security, scanning the server for malicious processes, securing the database server such as MySQL or MSSQL, etc.
  5. By encrypting the websites and server software using SSL/TLS, we further secure the data that is transmitted to and from the servers and keep them safe from hacks.

Updating the OS and control panel, patching the kernel for vulnerabilities, updating and securing the server software and applications to prevent exploits, etc. are also part of our Plesk server management services for web hosts.


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