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5 major pre-requisites to consider for outsourcing email support services

5 major pre-requisites to consider for outsourcing email support services

Emails are cheap, reliable and very convenient, which makes them the most preferred form of business communication. Marketing, sales, order processing, reminders, alerts, all these can be handled via emails.

For web hosts, the email mode of support enables them to cater to a huge audience with lesser efforts. That makes emails, the support channel with highest demand among customers. 

Email support helps to keep better track of support history and can be detailed enough for customers who want to gain more information, and convenient for those who wish to multi-task.

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Here, we’ll discuss the 5 major pre-requisites that you should consider before choosing a support company for outsourcing email support services for your customers.

1. Technical expertise

Having a technically skilled support staff with expertise in the domain, is the key success factor in technical support. You’d need to stay abreast with the latest technologies and systems, to cope with the growing competition.

By outsourcing email support to Bobcares, you get qualified engineers with years of experience in web hosting, technical support, server management and cloud technologies.

Our 15+ years of industry experience and collective expertise of 300+ support engineers helps us to resolve majority server issues in no time, as per the KPI set for each support desk.

We monitor, audit and secure your servers to deliver the best performance and high uptime for your business. By analyzing the existing systems, we generate ideas and suggestions for improvement and implement the best ones that suit your business purpose.

Server performance tweaking, server health monitoring, initial server configuration, periodic security hardening, emergency rescue and recovery, all these form part of our technical support services.

2. Communication skills

Understanding what the customer asks for, and conveying updates to them in an understandable manner, plays a major role in the success of email support services.

While some customers may be highly technical, others prefer updates in layman terms. We learn about our customers and their clientèle in depth, which helps us provide prompt and personalized support to them.

When web hosts chose Bobcares for outsourcing email support, they get a 24/7 team of engineers dedicated to them. This enables us to develop an ‘attention-to-detail’ and friendly connect with the customers.

Our in-depth training program covers everything such as client specific guidelines, cultural etiquette, language and communication skills, in addition to technical know how.

Instead of going for template responses or one-liner updates, we are focused on educating the customers and giving them a detailed view of what went wrong. This helps us to add value to our service.

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3. 24/7 availability

Our support technicians are available round the clock to serve your customers around the globe, or who come with an emergency in non-business hours. We cover any timing you find hard to manage, or can take care of your entire support operations.

Not just customers benefit from the 24/7 support. When you hire us for outsourcing email support, your servers are also in our safe hands during that period.

Server security and performance requires attention every second. Even a sudden spike in load or memory can be indicative of a resource abuse or an attack, and can affect your server performance.

That’s why Bobcares support specialists keep a close watch on all critical server metrics 24/7. Whenever a slight hiccup is noted, we jump in and resolve it then and there, before it affects the customers.

Outsourcing email support to Bobcares thus helps you save your valuable time and money. We help you focus on your core business, instead of worrying about managing your customers and servers 24/7.

4. Timeliness factor

There are two critical parameters that determine the timeliness factor while outsourcing email support – response time to the customer tickets and resolution time for the issues.

In addition to the auto-response that goes from the ticketing system, it is crucial to have a non-robotic personal response that gives assurance to the customer that someone has actually started working on their issue.

The average resolution time denotes how fast the support team resolves a customer issue. A support team that takes more time to resolve an issue, is sure to piss off customers. At Bobcares, we track this factor is a major performance indicator of the support team.

Having a skilful quality analysts team helps us to focus on reducing the average time to resolve the tickets and to investigate further on the deviation cases and improve upon them.

We guarantee 60 minutes response and 6 hour resolution on support tickets. Even so, we usually resolve 97% of tickets within the first hour, with an average response time of 23 minutes.

5. Quality support

Quality of support is determined by a number of factors – number of ticket follow-ups that took to resolve the issue, recurrence of the customer’s issue, educating the customer, and so on.

Our support team strictly adheres to the instructions specific to each customer, which enables us to give the customers a delightful experience without having them to repeat things.

We perform in-depth debugging of the issues, identify the root cause of the issue and resolve it. This brings in customer delight, as they don’t have to contact multiple times for the same issue.

Proactive server management is a vital aspect we assure our customers when they are outsourcing email support to us. It helps to minimize server issues to a great extent and free up customers from much hassle.

Number of ticket edits is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that we monitor, and our focus is to resolve any issue in a single customer follow-up, which helps us improve the customer retention aspect.

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