How to handle multiple project management for WordPress without incurring software conflict

How to handle multiple project management for WordPress without incurring software conflict

Being the most popular CMS for websites, WordPress development and management has an important role in online businesses. WordPress project management is a common task we perform as a part of our custom software development services.

Many often, development companies have multiple WordPress projects, which creates so much overhead and can incur software conflicts. From software development to DevOps, we cover all the stages involved in the project management for WordPress, for our customers.

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Project management for WordPress – The hurdles!

Its not easy to manage multiple WordPress projects. Different projects have different web and application requirements. While some use MySQL, some others use MariaDB as database server.

Even the version of web applications can vary with the project. For instance, latest WordPress requires PHP version 5.6 but there may be some legacy installations which run on older PHP versions.

These different software and application versions can conflict with each other if they run on the same server instance. So each project require its own unique development environment.

While VPS instances can be used to maintain these project environments, it is a very time-consuming and costly affair to setup so many VPS instances with the required applications.

That’s where Docker containers present themselves as a boon to save time and effort of developers and DevOps engineers who setup the project environments.

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How Docker helps manage multiple WordPress projects

In Docker, the entire WordPress project can be packaged into containers. Applications such as PHP, MySQL, NginX/Apache, etc. are installed in these Docker containers.

Docker images help to create containers with WordPress environments that are the exact replica of the live project. Everything from the code to application are available in this package.


Managing multiple WordPress projects with Docker

Multiple WordPress projects using Docker containers


Using Docker tools, these containers can be created in a few seconds or minutes. Thus the WordPress project copies can be generated in no time.

As a result, developers who manage multiple WordPress projects need not waste their time waiting for the environment to be setup for their development purposes.

A single physical server can hold numerous Docker containers, thus achieving high server density and improved resource utilization.

Since each WordPress project is packaged into a set of containers, there will not be any conflicts between different versions, which can usually happen in a server instance.


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