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Using WordPress Docker containers to prevent project delays

Using WordPress Docker containers to prevent project delays

WordPress customization and plugin development is a common task we perform in our custom software development services. A typical WordPress development workflow starts with setting up development environment to uploading the bug-free code to the live website.

The WordPress environment that we setup, can vary with each project requirement. The version, features, plugins, web applications, content, etc. would change depending on the business.

Here, we’ll see what causes WordPress project delays and how we speed up project workflow using WordPress Docker containers.

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What causes delay in WordPress workflow?

As business grows, the WordPress sites may require more features or customization. But directly modifying the code in the live WordPress website is a suicidal attempt, as the bugs or compatibility errors can break the site.

That’s why most developers use a development environment to do the coding and perform proper testing of the code before deploying it to the live site. This development environment must be identical to the live server, to avoid bugs.

In many cases, there may be multiple developers working on the same website development, and therefore multiple development environments are required, which can incur time delays in setting up.

To reduce the project delays incurred due to the time wasted in manually setting up the development environment each time, we make use of Docker containers.

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How WordPress Docker containers help reduce project delay

Docker containers are packaged instances which contain both the software and a complete filesystem and applications required for that software to work.

By making use of custom images, we simulate Docker containers to create development environments that are the exact replica of the server environment. They contain the code, run-time, applications, system libraries, etc.


Docker architecture

Docker architecture


As a result, developers need not wait for the administrators to spin up a new server instance and install all the required applications in it, which is a time consuming process.

Thus, the WordPress projects get accelerated using Docker, by reducing environment setup time from hours and days to seconds or minutes.


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  1. Hello, yes I was facing the same issue of projects delays but after reading your blog about “Using WordPress Docker containers to prevent project delays” made me realize that WordPress Docker Container is really helpful. And I just started using this. Thank You So much for your information.

    • Janet,

      Glad to know that our article could be of help to you.


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