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Get your business to the top with ‘Remote infrastructure management services’

Get your business to the top with ‘Remote infrastructure management services’

Many large IT organizations are spread across different locations and data centers, for redundancy and uptime requirements. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Services helps to efficiently manage this IT infrastructure from a remote location.

RIM helps small and medium businesses too, for managing their infrastructure with the help of remote service providers. The main advantage they gain from this is, expert server management at affordable pricing.

Bobcares, the largest outsourced web hosting support & service provider, offer Remote Infrastructure Management Services” to web hosts and other online businesses in any part of the world.

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How Bobcares’ ‘Remote infrastructure management services’ helps you

Bobcares’ ‘Remote infrastructure management services’ (RIM) includes managing server hardware and software, network, storage and security devices for companies.

RIM model suits small, medium and large enterprises, in need of IT infrastructure management, product support or customer care services. Some of the highlights of our RIM services are:

=> 24×7 e-mail, help desk, chat & phone support
=> Infrastructure provisioning and management
=> Customized service levels
=> Proactive and reactive server monitoring
=> Dedicated manager and QA to oversee operations

Remote Infrastructure Management services helps to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for all their service needs such as server infrastructure management and customer service.

The level of customization a customer gets using the Remote Infrastructure Management services, helps it to achieve customer delight and for business growth. The services are flexible and tuned to match the customer’s requirements.

RIM delivers services that a customer prefers, at a service quality that delights him! It helps to bring value addition to services, reduces costs, increases efficiency and improves service availability.

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What is included in ‘Remote infrastructure management services’

In general, it includes remote server monitoring, server infrastructure management, security updates, database administration, application support, 24/7 customer support via multiple channels, proactive server audits, and so on.

Remote server monitoring

We have a 24/7 server and service monitoring system, which helps us to detect and resolve any service issue on time and fix it before it affects the customers. This enables us to provide high server uptime to our customers.

Remote server management

Server management doesn’t merely mean temporary solutions or band-aid fixes. We conduct in-depth root cause analysis to identify problems and resolve them in a way that they don’t recur. This helps to inculcate a positive experience for our customers.

Remote server security

Server security plays a key role in online businesses. From open ports to vulnerable server software, anything can tamper with security. We implement fool-proof server security and safeguard all critical data.

Remote customer support

We provide customer support to server owners and web hosts 24/7 and via multiple channels such as email, help desk, live chat, phone, etc., which helps to improve customer relations and boost customer delight.

Benefits of  ‘Remote infrastructure management services’

Some of the benefits our customers have gained from our ‘Remote infrastructure management services’ include:

  • High availability and productivity for IT Infrastructure
  • Cost-effective way to manage operations
  • Ability to focus on core competencies
  • Easily adapt to new technology
  • Highly scalable support services
  • Flexible support packages with desired features
  • Follow the industry best practices
  • Excellent quality of support
  • Proactive approach to prevent issues
  • 24/7 emergency services to ensure business uptime
  • Adhering to SLA to ensure support service quality
  • Delighted customers with personalized services
  • Reduced overhead on businesses to manage infrastructure

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Bobcares has been offering technical support and software development solutions since 2001. The technical support division of Bobcares currently manages over 60,000 servers and 15 million websites, making it the largest outsourced web hosting support company in the world.

Bobcares also offers design, development and testing services, enabling its customers to utilize Bobcares expertise in every stage of website/application development.

If you’d like to know how you can better serve your customers with our remote infrastructure management services, we’d be happy to talk to you.



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