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Setting up AWS for HTTP/2 support

Setting up AWS for HTTP/2 support

As per recent statistics, websites adopting HTTP/2 protocol are rapidly increasing and around 68% of HTTPS traffic is now attributed to HTTP/2.

HTTP/2 uses techniques to minimize the number of connections and proactively serve page resources to improve site speed and performance.


HTTP/2 is faster than HTTP/1

HTTP/2 is faster than HTTP/1


But many customers who have their websites setup in AWS are stuck without being able to use HTTP/2, as its still not supported by default in AWS products.

Out of the different AWS products available, three commonly used ones are EC2, ELB and Cloudfront. We’ll see how to enable HTTP/2 support in them.

1. HTTP/2 support in AWS Cloudfront

Cloudfront is an AWS product which is aimed at speeding up the web site contents – html, images, media files – etc., to the end users. Cloudfront started supporting HTTP/2 now.

Enabling HTTP/2 for an existing CloudFront distribution can be done from the CloudFront Console. Identify the distribution, and click on Edit.

Update the ‘Supported HTTP Versions’ to include HTTP/2 support. This will enable HTTP/2 support for your Cloudfront instance when you access it with supported browsers.


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  1. Debian Testing works correctly from a fresh install after enabling http2 (a2enmod http2).


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