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Configuring mod_dav on cPanel

As a follow up to my previous post, I thought I’d dive into more detail on how to configure a site for mod_dav on a cPanel server. You can read this post to find out how to set it up on a server without a control panel.


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WARNING: The following steps assume that your current Apache configuration is in working order and that running EasyApache or rebuilding httpd.conf will not result in the loss of configuration data/settings. Make sure you backup httpd.conf before proceeding.


mod_dav and cPanel’s WebDisk

Any Webhost that has been providing FrontPage extensions to their customers know that the extensions are not reliable and are a constant source of problems. Even though Microsoft announced “End Of Life” for FrontPage Server Extensions back in 2006, many Webhosts still offer it, and many customers still use it. It is high time we helped them move on and two alternatives provided by cPanel are mod_dav and WebDisk.

mod_dav and WebDisk are two independent services on cPanel servers. Both trying to offer WebDAV or WebDAV-like services.