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Prestashop Error 500 – Top 7 reasons, and how to fix them

“500 Internal Server Error” or plain “Internal Server Error” is common in Prestashop installations.

As a Server Administration Service provider, we’ve seen a wide range of reasons for this error in Nginx servers, Apache, IIS, LiteSpeed and more.

It can range from Memory limits and File permission issues to obscrure Deadlock errors and Cache issues. (more…)

5 questions to ask your server monitoring service provider

5 questions to ask your server monitoring service provider

Imagine that you are in the midst of an Ad-campaign and is dependent too much on e-mails. What if your mail server suddenly goes down and it majorly affects your business? Obviously, you’d be frustrated.

Server uptime is therefore, always the utmost priority in web hosting services. A single prolonged server downtime is sufficient to throw you out of your business. To stay competitive in business, you’ve to ensure 99.99% uptime to your customers.

A 99.99% uptime means a total of not more than 54.84 minutes of downtime in a year. As anything from a network issue to a bad hard drive can lead to a downtime, having an effective server monitoring service is vital to ensure this uptime. (more…)

Have you checked your site on a mobile device?

If you haven’t, you should. You’d be surprised at how different it looks, not to mention the loss of functionality. A research recently conducted by 1&1, one of the largest web hosting companies in the world, shows that 50% of the companies they questioned had never checked their site on a mobile device. Its time they woke up and smelled the Apples.


Does your website load quickly enough? Tips and Tricks to increase site speed

When your equipment is not in tune with demand, your customers bail out and hit the road to a new service. In the world of Internet business, your equipment is your site. Every second is precious to your customer. What would be your reaction to a site that comes up so slow that you feel your time is wasted just trying to visit it? You would rather use your time to visit another site that loads faster. The same would be the reaction of your customer, when he sees that your site loads too slow. So, that’s the question:

Does your website load quickly enough?

Being in the support industry, I often see the following quotes:

My sites are slow.......
Site running slow.....
I was wondering, the site is running extremely slow! ..... etc etc
And once a customer asked me whether it’s possible to increase site speed using “http” headers.
Answer is Yes 🙂