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cPanel backup guide – A fool-proof backup policy to safeguard your cPanel/WHM server

cPanel backup guide – A fool-proof backup policy to safeguard your cPanel/WHM server

What all data should I backup? How often should I backup? How long should I keep the backup data? Where should I store the backup data?

These are some of the common questions web hosts have, while deciding on a cPanel backup management system. In our role as Outsourced Tech Support for web hosts, we relieve them off such worries and implement a fool-proof backup system for their servers. (more…)

No more “Sorry no backups” – Restore backups from any day using open source and cPanel backup utilities

“It makes no sense!”, so started a tech support chat one Tuesday morning. An e-commerce site had seen a sudden drop in online orders, and the reason was traced to Google branding it as a malware source. The web site looked perfectly normal, and the webmaster was frustrated that Google thought his site was infected. A quick check of the files showed malicious drive-by-download code inserted into all pages in the website. So, Google was indeed right.

For web site recovery, either we could clean all pages, re-upload the site files, or restore from backup. Cleaning the site would take the better part of a day, and re-uploading was not an option as the webmaster had only the files before he upgraded the CMS. We had a cPanel backup taken yesterday, and one from a week back. Yesterday’s backup was also infected, and the week old backup was too old as new products were added since then. With no other option, the week old backup was used, and site updates were applied again for a quick restore.

If only we had an arbitrary-day backup recovery system! This was not the first such issue, and it was time we did something about it.