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The Future of Computing and Mobile Devices

Over the last 15 years, I have seen a definite and steady move from Desktop Computing to Web Computing. Applications that ran on the desktop made a shift towards web applications. Words such as SaaS (Software as a Service) started being used by large and small software companies to sell their applications to a wider Internet audience.

And now, I see the shift from this towards Mobile Computing. A rich client side application running on a mobile device such as an iPhone, attracts users because of the sheer convenience of use. No longer do I need my computer to access popular applications such as Twitter or Flickr.

Here are the things I now use my mobile device for:
  Check Twitter feeds and Facebook,
  Use my bank account, even to transfer funds,
  Check my email, search and browse,
  Upload photos to Flickr,
  Use Salesforce on the go (Helps me check on sales straight away),
  And much much more.

There are now whole weekends, when I do not need to pull out my laptop at all and yet instantly keep in touch with my work and friends, all using my mobile phone. I am sure many among you have the same experience. So what am I bringing up to the table here today?

It’s time that hosting companies and software vendors started ramping up their portals all set for Mobile Computing.

The answer is the acceptance of this tiny device into our businesses.

If we are software vendors, do we already have a mobile application to connect to the burgeoning user base?

If we are hosting companies, do we have a mobile application that will help users upload photos to their website, content to their blog, upload files to their website, or even pay their hosting bills when they want to? 🙂

Here are a few things a good mobile application for hosting could do.

 Check status of the hosting account (disk space, bandwidth usage etc).
 Pay hosting account bills on the go.
 Receive upgrade messages, reminders and uptime reports.
 Upload photos to site (so that users can click the photo and upload straight away, without the need of moving to a computer).
 Post updates to their blog.
 Upload files to the website.
 And of course, mobile helpdesk for support requests. 🙂

Hosting companies have spent thousands of dollars upgrading their portals and websites, adding ticketing systems, toll free numbers and so much more for customer convenience. This is all good for a generation that still uses their computers for everything. 🙂

For the next generation of users, it’s time that hosting companies and software vendors started ramping up their portals all set for Mobile Computing.


Many thanks to my partner and husband of 10 years, Amarjyoti Krishnan, who opened my eyes to this possibility of Mobile Computing in the Hosting industry.

About The Author :

Sangeetha Naik is co-Founder and Director, Poornam (Bobcares). With 9 years of experience in the Web Hosting industry, she speaks in various conferences about how Web Hosts can cost effectively setup and run their Support Operations.


  1. Great idea !!

  2. Hi,
    Read the blog. Was a nice read.
    Now in this era of mobile computing, cloud computing etc the rich clients and thick clients becomes outdated. Thin clients will be taking over with the capability of technologies like AJAX, Webservices etc

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