Top 3 benefits of choosing a good web hosting technical support team

It is easy to get cheap deals from support service providers, but what if their poor quality costs you your valuable clientèle? While cost is one major deciding factor, a more important factor to consider, is their support quality.

When you choose a superior quality web hosting technical support for handling your support calls, you are indirectly investing in growing your business by creating delighted customers.

How a good web hosting technical support team helps you

By providing web hosting technical support over years, we’ve been able to provide 3 major benefits to our customers who are web hosts.

1. Transparent phone support services

How often have you gone to a shop and got turned away by their ignorant staff? Customers prefer to talk to support agents who knows the inside-out of your business.

That’s why you need to ensure transparent web hosting technical support to your customers. A good support company will treat your customers exactly the way you do. In Bobcares’ phone support services, we ensure it with these measures:

  1. By learning about our customers and their clientèle in depth, we are able to provide a prompt and personalized support to them.
  2. Our 24/7 US based phone support pays ‘attention-to-detail’ to each caller and form a personal connect with the customers.
  3. Following client guidelines without fail enables us to give the customers a delightful experience, without messing up anything.
  4. With our specialized training on relevant customer culture and etiquette, we further enhance our phone support service quality.
  5. We have client-specific phone support settings which gives the impression of a 100% ‘inhouse’ support to the customers.
  6. Providing access to the web hosts to review the call logs any time, helps them to assess our support quality and provide inputs.

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2. Phone support with a human touch

Technology is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most customers want their queries or issues to be handled a timely and ‘easy to grasp’ manner. Not to mention the personal touch they crave for, when they face an issue.

But many support companies overlook this aspect and often tend to spit out technical jargon in a robotic manner, which can confuse the customers and shoo them away.

web hosting technical support

We help webhosts improve their customer retention with personalized phone support


Customers remember a support interaction based on how it made them feel. By focusing on the emotional side of customers in addition to the technical solutions, we’re able to create delighted customers with our phone support. The key factors that help us are:

  1. Empathetic staff – Patient and empathetic handling of angry or frustrated customers helps to provide them a good experience.
  2. Hands-on assistance – Our agents are able to walk the customer through a solution and confirm that the issue is resolved for once.
  3. Command over language – Our phone support convey updates to the customers in simple and easy-to-understand manner.
  4. Proactive assistance – We save customers from so much future trouble by educating them and helping to prevent support issues.

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3. 24×7 expert assistance for your customers

A business downtime is a panicky situation for customers. Not providing them timely updates or prompt solutions would add fuel to the fire. Customers often assume the worst, and may even decide to leave your hosting.

In addition to ensuring 99.99% uptime for their services, a good web hosting technical support team should also be able to promptly resolve any service-related issue in the servers.

Bobcares’ phone support agents rise up to the situation, get on top of the issues and helps to resolve them in no time. By coordinating with the helpdesk support team, we provide 24/7 server care to both servers and customers, at affordable pricing.

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Bobcares has helped web hosts grow from a single server to a data center in less than 5 years, with our support partnership. If you’d like know how our 24/7 web hosting technical support can help your business, feel free to contact us.



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