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WebMatrix To Create and publish websites with ease

by | Apr 8, 2021

To create or publish a website we often try and download each tool separately. Then we move on with the website setup. This will cost us hours to complete. We can make use of WebMatrix to create and publish websites.

As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several such queries.

Today, let us discuss WebMatrix and how to create, customize and publish websites with it.



WebMatrix is a simple and free development tool to create, customize, publish and maintain websites with ease.

With it, we will get IIS Developer Express, SQL Compact Edition & the ASP.NET Razor View Engine, along with access to an OSS web application gallery and integration with web hosting providers.

It is a complete package with all the tools rather than multiple products to download, install and configure.


Create, customize and publish websites

  • Create

To start, just download and install WebMatrix using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

It will only take less than 5 minutes to be up and running.

Once done, we can install the latest version of any free web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, DotNetNuke, and Orchard.

  • Customize

Once it is up and running, WebMatrix provides all the tools and features that we need in a single unified interface.

With it, we are always just a click away to easily edit the files, manage the database, and modify server settings.

  • Publish

When we are ready, it provides a no-hassle way to show the world our website.


Features of WebMatrix

WebMatrix includes everything we need for website development. It is all-inclusive, simple, and best of all free.

  • Small but complete package

A free Web development tool, it elegantly brings together a Web server, a database, and programming frameworks into a single, integrated experience.

In addition, we can code, test, and deploy both ASP.NET and PHP applications side by side.

  • Grows with us

WebMatrix ensures that the transition from development to production is smooth and seamless.

When we are ready, it integrates Visual Studio into our workflow. And for a high-volume relational database server, move the database and data from SQL Server Compact to SQL Server with just a click of the mouse.

  • Site publishing

It is a perfect home for our website. We can use it to find a web host that fits our requirements.

In addition, we can use the built-in publishing support for FTP, FTPS, and WebDeploy to ensure that our files, databases, and settings arrive intact on the web.

  • Database made simple

It has a small, embedded database called SQL Server Compact that can live with our website code and content.

We only need to copy the database from our computer to any webserver if we are building another website and are ready to publish it.

  • Elegant interface, simple experience

WebMatrix integrates a rich code editor, a database editor, webserver management, Search Engine Optimization, FTP publishing, and more.

  • More than “Hello, World”

If we want to display a Twitter feed or need to show a video, it can be done with Code helpers. The common tasks are made easy with just a simple tag in our HTML.

  • Start > Open Source

We can select an application from the built-in gallery and WebMatrix handles the download and installation of the same.

We don’t have to worry about hand-editing configuration files and the right components.

It is easy to customize the site using the built-in code editor.

  • Simple to code

WebMatrix is the easiest way to learn standards-based Web development. The codes are easy to read, simple to learn, short to write and work with any text editor.

With a seamless path to ASP.NET MVC, it is now easier than ever to create powerful ASP.NET Web applications.

  • Desktop or server, it’s all the same

WebMatrix uses the same powerful Web server, database engine, and frameworks environment to run our Web site on the Internet. This makes the transition from development to product seamless.

  • Tightly knit, fully integrated

It integrates with IIS Express and links with the Web server components that run our site. Directly monitor real-time Web requests and responses to track down problems right at the source.

  • Optimize for search

It knows search engine optimization, provides clear guidance to make better, and even offers to take us right to the file in our site we need to fix.

  • Workspaces

WebMatrix includes four integrated workspaces that help us to focus on different areas of our Web site.

  1. Site Workspace – Monitor real-time web requests and configure the website server settings.
  2. Files Workspace – Manages the files and edits the code using the code editor with syntax highlighting.
  3. Database Workspace – Add and manage databases.
  4. Reports Workspace – Generate SEO reports and optimize the website for search engines.


Install WebMatrix

  1. From the Microsoft site, we can download the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.
  2. When we launch the Web Platform Installer, we will see a screen.
  3. To find WebMatrix, select the Spotlight link at the top of the screen, and either the All link or the Products link on the left.
  4. Press the Add button beside WebMatrix, and then press the Install button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. We will have a prompt to accept the WebMatrix license and the licenses for any of the dependency applications install.
  6. Ignore other dependencies and press ‘I Accept’. Once done, WebMatrix will start the installation.

For a successful installation, we will see the ‘Congratulations’ screen.


Run WebMatrix

It is available in our Start menu in the Microsoft WebMatrix folder.

Select the Microsoft WebMatrix icon and we will launch WebMatrix.

We will see the Welcome screen with options to support these ways of building a web site:


[Found it helping? Here’s a lot more for you]



In short, WebMatrix is a simple and free development tool to create, customize, publish and maintain websites with ease.


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