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XenApp “Errors occurred when using in the discovery process”

by | Sep 19, 2021

Stuck with XenApp “Errors occurred when using in the discovery process”? We can help you.

Here at Bobcares, we often handle requests from our customers to fix similar errors as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let us see how our team fixes this error in an effective way.


XenApp “Errors occurred when using in the discovery process”

Generally, the discovery process may fail with the following error:

“Errors occurred when using servername in the discovery process”

Suppose the local computer is a member of the farm. Then we need to start the discovery process again and add the local computer to the list of the servers and run the discovery again.

In case it still fails, we check if the server(the data collector) is up.

In addition, we need to ensure that the MFCOM service and IMAservice are running on the server and the local computer.

If the MFCOM service is not running, we need to reboot the server.

In order to check if the local server and the servers are in the list, we run the following command:

qfarm /load

If they are not, we run the following command on the server that is not on the list:

Net stop imaservice
Net start imaservice
Rerun discovery

Now, if it still fails, we need to check if the licensing server is up and does not have any errors in the event log related to Citrix.

We can also check if the datastore (SQL server) is up and the instance that the datastore is residing on is running on it.

Once we are sure that it is up, we open the command prompt on any of the XenApp servers and run the following command as an administrator:


Check if any inconsistencies show up. In case anything shows up, we run the following command to clear them:

Dscheck /clean

Eventually, we run the discovery again. This should fix the problem.

[Stuck with the error? We’d be glad to help you out]



In short, we saw how our Support Techs fix the XenApp error for our customers.


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