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3 open source Docker web UI to easily manage your Docker infrastructure

3 open source Docker web UI to easily manage your Docker infrastructure

While most DevOps engineers prefer managing their Docker container infrastructure from the command line, some users prefer to have a Docker web UI.

There are many open source Docker web UI available, suited for different purposes that range from basic container management to orchestration.

Today we’ll discuss about the 3 main open source Docker web UI that can be easily configured to manage your Docker infrastructure.

Setup and manage your Docker system



1. Shipyard Docker web UI

Shipyard is a web UI that helps to manage Docker containers. It helps to manage Docker Swarm, which is a group of containers.

Using Shipyard, it is possible to manage Docker containers – create, start, stop, etc. – and user accounts. It also helps in easy scaling up of containers.

The steps to install Shipyard involves creating containers to store the database and to perform the Controller activities.

1. Create a Shipyard database container based on RethinkDB, which is an open source scalable database.

docker web ui shipyard

Docker container for Shipyard database


2. Create a Docker container for Shipyard controller and link it to the database container.

docker web ui container

Docker container for Shipyard


3. Configure Shipyard from the command-line interface, providing the URL, username and password.

docker web ui shipyard ui

Configure Shipyard UI


Once the Shipyard tool is configured, it can be used to manage the Docker containers and Swarm. Users can manage their containers, images and repositories, all in a few clicks.

It is also possible to setup the Shipyard containers for managing Docker swarm, using a single script, as shown:

docker web ui shipyard script

Script to setup Shipyard


The containers that are installed for Shipyard would be listed when you run a ‘docker ps’.

docker web ui Shipyard containers

Shipyard containers


Once the containers for Shipyard are installed and running fine, users can access the URL to access Docker web UI to manage the containers.

Read our post ‘Setting up Docker hosting using Docker Swarm and Shipyard‘ to know more about the different features available in Shipyard that helps manage Docker containers.

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