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Linux server hardening – Shield your servers from 3 kinds of threats

Linux server hardening – Shield your servers from 3 kinds of threats

Every web server has two environments associated with it – internal (software and users) and external network. An undetected threat in any of these areas can pose a security menace to your server.

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support for web hosts, we perform Linux sever hardening to protect our customers’ servers. Today we’ll see the 3 categories of server threats which we tackle in our services.

1. Threats within the server

Vulnerabilities can pop up any time, any where in a server. From server software to 3rd party applications, everything in a server is under constant threat of getting exploited. Even the Linux kernel is prone to vulnerabilities, and need to be secured.

Another threat that can harm a server is the presence of malware or malicious scripts. All these perils can be used by hackers to gain access to your servers and steal your valuable data.

At Bobcares, our security experts stay alert to vulnerability news and update all software in the server to their latest stable versions. We also tweak each service with custom settings and SSL encryption, for enhanced security.

Our team performs regular audits and malware scanning to timely detect and avoid all server attacks. File system hardening and protecting the server binaries are additional tasks that comprises our security package.

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2. Threats from the users

The main purpose of a web server is to serve web pages to users. A server can contain multiple accounts, starting with the admin user to the account owners. All these user accounts can cause threats to the servers, if not managed properly.

Restricting the valid users from misusing their privileges and protecting these accounts from malicious outsiders, play an integral role in securing the servers from the threats posed by user accounts.

Bobcares’ dedicated engineers implement a strong user login and password policy in servers to avoid attackers from hijacking these valid accounts and attacking the server. We also constantly monitor the server resources and processes to avoid users abusing them.

By assigning a less privileged user account to each process, configuring strict access control systems and doubly securing the user authentication, we further enhance the server security.

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3. Threats from the network

A web server that serves websites online, is always exposed to threats from the network too. Safeguarding the server network is a vital task to be performed to protect the servers from attacks over the network.

The security specialist team at Bobcares reviews these information and take continual actions to curb any security incidents and to fine-tune the security tweaks in the server to further enhance its security.

The 24/7 server specialists team at Bobcares secure the network by tweaking the network parameters to block common network based attacks and by setting up an intrusion detection system to detect and wade off attackers.

With the help of server and network firewalls, we limit server access to only the targeted audience for their relevant services. For highly critical servers, we configure VPNs for restricting the traffic further.

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