5 key points in the Linux server maintenance checklist for a world class hosting experience

5 key points in the Linux server maintenance checklist for a world class hosting experience

Many web hosts prefer Linux servers due to security, stability and open source factors. But even Linux servers come with vulnerabilities and other server issues. That makes it vital to have an efficient Linux server management services to manage your servers.

Bobcares’ Linux server management services covers a wide range of tasks such as server administration, preventive maintenance and 24/7 emergency support that helps maintain your servers stable and services available 24/7.

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Today, we’ll give you a sneak peak into our Linux server maintenance checklist, which includes the major tasks that we cover in our server management services and we’ll see how it benefits web hosts.

Benefits of Linux server maintenance services

With an expert Linux server maintenance services, you no longer have to worry about server alerts, performance issues or upgrades. Instead, you can focus on what requires your attention the most – grow your business.

1. High availability

With 24/7 expert service monitoring, we detect a server issue as soon as it pops up, and resolve it before the end customers get affected. This helps to provide the uptime guarantee to the customers for their web sites.

2. Fool-proof security

We give topmost priority to server security. Timely patches and software updates help us to reduce the impact of software bugs or security issues on the servers. Firewalls and backups are two major tools that aid us in ensuring server security and data.

3. Improved performance

Our ongoing server performance audits help us to detect any slowness issues on time. With our complete server management solution, we’ve been able to improve server performance by tweaking the services and server metrics.

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What is included in our Linux server maintenance checklist?

The major tasks performed by our Linux Server Administrators as a part of our Linux server management services include:

1. Initial server design and setup

Server hardware specifications are not easily changeable, once it goes live into production. Analysing the business requirements and choosing the apt server architecture and software, plays a crucial role in Linux server management.

In our Linux server maintenance checklist, the first and foremost task we do is, designing the right server architecture, choosing the hardware specification and required server software, based on the web hosting requirements.

From software installation to backup management, we cover all the basic server management tasks in this initial setup. With periodic server performance audits and data recovery tests, we validate the effectiveness of the tasks performed.

2. Fool-proof server security

Even a minor security incident can affect service reputation, which is why we give server security, a pivotal role in our Linux server maintenance checklist.

All customer data and server information are important. Being a ISO 27001:2013 certified organization, Bobcares is keen on protecting all your server data using the strictest security standards in the industry.

We follow a 360 degree comprehensive security hardening process in the servers, which includes:

  1. Securing the web server with custom rule sets and security modules to block hack attempts and user abuse.
  2. Ongoing server security monitoring, emergency patching during vulnerabilities and periodic server hardening.
  3. Regular server scanning process to detect and block malware, rootkits and other processes that can harm the server.
  4. Updating outdated server and application software, while ensuring zero service downtime for the websites in it.
  5. Securing all critical services in the server such as SSH, SSL, Email, Database, Control panel, and so on.
  6. Configuring the firewall rules to accept only valid incoming/outgoing connections on relevant server ports.
  7. Mounting the server partitions in a secure manner to avoid execution of malware or suspicious processes in the server.
  8. Restricting the binaries and compilers for only privileged users, to avoid any user executing unwanted scripts.
  9. Hardening the server to protect it from attacks such as SYN flood, DOS attack, SQL injections, and many more. 
  10. Repairing the corrupt binaries, databases and other tools in the server, to prevent them from being exploited by attackers.


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