8 merits of choosing remote tech support for your servers

8 merits of choosing remote tech support for your servers

In our role as Outsourced hosting support specialists for web hosts, we’ve been managing the servers with various control panels and for varying range of hosting businesses.

With the growing competition in the industry, a lot of factors determine your business success, the key parameter being ‘how happy your customers are, that they choose to stay with you’.

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Here’s a sneak-peak into the benefits you can also garner for your web hosting business, by choosing the ‘best-in-industry’ remote tech support for your servers.

1. Save costs

Outsourcing your server support to a remote team who are skilled in server management, helps you save the costs you spend on managing an inhouse team.

Recruiting, training, managing and monitoring the staff is an expensive deal, not to mention the additional costs involved in ensuring the support infrastructure and a good work environment too.

2. 24/7 coverage

A server down can happen any moment and at any time of a day. Ensuring 24/7 coverage for your servers is very vital to avoid a down time and customer loss.

Having a remote tech support team that provides 24/7 close monitoring and management for your servers, is a crucial aspect to gain an upper hand in the highly-competitive industry.

3. Multi-channel support

Customers’ choice of support channel can vary from one person to another. While one prefers a real-time chat, someone else may need a more personal walk-through via a phone call.

Remote tech support companies that provide excellent multi-channel support provisions, helps you boost your customer delight by providing world-class support via all the channels they wish for.

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4. Better focus on business

For your business to grow, indeed, you need to spend time on it. You wouldn’t want to waste your valuable time worrying about customer complaints or server issues.

An expert remote tech support company takes care of both customer support and server management with such a panache that you get time to spend on your core business development activities.

5. Reduced overhead

In a support business, overhead can occur in many forms. A human error or a power failure, anything can tamper with the 24/7 support guarantee and can end up creating disgruntled customers.

Managing a support infrastructure that includes people, systems and infrastructure, requires a lot of time and effort from your side, if you do not opt for a remote tech support company that can efficiently handle these tasks.

6. Easy to scale up

Sometimes there may be scenarios where you need to scale up the support coverage. For instance, you may need additional support coverage during peak sales or your night time.

A server management company that offers multiple and flexible support packages, helps you scale up and down the services, as and when a need arises for your web hosting business.

7. Expert technicians

Server issues are of different levels – from a simple email configuration to a complex hack issue can form a part of server management tasks. Whatever be the issue, the focus should be to ensure its resolved well.

Expert technicians who know the issues inside out, would dig the root cause of any technical issue and resolve it permanently, and thus provide a delightful experience to customers instead of focusing on just band-aid fixes.

8. Instant support

Customers want instant gratification. They cannot wait for hours to get a response or solution from the support team. Response time and resolution time are key parameters in customer support.

With the help of a world class customer support team that focuses on timely updates and quality service, you can also deliver seamless and instant support services to your customers.

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At Bobcares, our 24/7 server specialists constantly monitor all the services in the server and proactively audit the server for any errors or corruption in them.

With our systematic debugging approach for service or other software errors, we have been able to provide an exciting support experience to the customers.

If you would like to know how to provide an excellent customer support service without service errors or server downtime, we would be happy to talk to you.




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