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24/7 hosting support – Here’s how you can stand out from the crowd

A decade back, 24/7 hosting support was considered a premium service offered by large web hosts. Not anymore. Now almost everyone seems to offer 24/7 hosting support. How can you stand out from the crowd?

Maintaining 24/7 hosting support can be costly, AND it can be a huge drain on management time. That is why many companies cut corners and provide only email support, or use cheap support to keep costs down.

But this often creates more problems that it solves.


3 reasons to outsource your hosting support

Outsourcing has always been a matter of debate for hosting companies. Should I outsource hosting support? How to choose the best support provider? How can I get the best out of it?

Hosting providers often reflect through many such questions, when it comes to outsourcing. Let’s have a look at the three main reasons why you should outsource your hosting tech support. (more…)

Should you outsource customer support for your webhosting business?

No business can thrive without customers. That’s why providing excellent customer support is a must. For customers to feel delighted, they should feel cared for, and their concerns should be addressed without delay.

Delayed or poor quality support can shoo away your valuable customers and hinder your growth prospects. But maintaining a good customer support team requires effort and money.


Jump start your growth in 2013 with bundled support plans from Bobcares

This new year, resolve to give a big boost to your business. Partner with the best in the game, and jump start your growth in 2013. Bobcares, the most trusted name in Outsourced Technical Support now offers New Year special bundled plans for HelpDesk, LiveChat and Phone support.
Use the coupon code HCQ113A and get a discount on your bundled packages comprising our popular HelpDesk, LiveChat and Phone support plans.
For as low as $1.82/min, Bobcares offers phone support from our offices in United States (24×7) and Germany(12×7). Our team gives you Level 1 and pre-sales support using your customized response routines. To keep your customers feel comfortable, you can choose which office should attend your calls, and you can get a dedicated number for your company. (more…)