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Cloud Administration

How to connect two EC2 instances in AWS (Amazon Web Services)

To run a website, you need several services such as web server, database server, mail server and more.

These services need to communicate with each other to make web apps work.

But in AWS, this communication can break due to default security settings.


How to fix OnApp error “Access Denied as your IP is not white-listed”

How to fix OnApp error “Access Denied as your IP is not white-listed”

Login failures are not new. It can happen due to wrong login details stored in the browser, use of expired login details, or extra space in username or password.

However, for a web interface, login failures can also mean hack attempts. So, online systems apply various security policies to keep users safe. (more…)

Bobcares unveils Cloud Migration Services!

Bobcares, on 8th May joined the the elite club of support providers by unveiling its Cloud Administration class of support plans. Starting with Cloud Migration Services plan, Bobcares is now offering web hosting companies a trusted and fool proof way to migrate from a legacy system to a cloud system. To know the unique benefits, features and pricing of the cloud migration plan, visit the Cloud Migration page now!


Bobcares is a leader in outsourced support with an industry experience of more than a decade. One of the first to venture into virtualization technologies in 2007, Bobcares quickly became the leader in VPS systems support. Cloud systems support came as an extension to the already established VPS support system, and Bobcares ventured into partnerships with major cloud providers like Eucalyptus as early as 2010. From then on Bobcares has been providing cloud support on a per-demand basis for existing clients, while consolidating the cloud support capability, and perfecting the procedures.