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Hardware vs Software firewall: A brief comparison

Hardware vs Software firewall: A brief comparison

“Google has listed your server as a malware source! Its been hacked into, and is being used to spread malware!”

I’m sure this is a message that you never hope to get in your mailbox. But, how confident are you about your server security?

One of the most important mitigation steps against hacking attempts and malware attacks as proposed by Gartner technology research group is the use of firewalls.

The report shows the necessity to employ firewall as a security layer for our servers. Firewalls come in two broad categories: Hardware and Software. Making this choice is primarily a factor of what your requirements are and what your budget is. (more…)

Firewall: Guard on surveillance

To define a firewall in simple terms, one can put it to words as a – protective system that functions between your host/network and the sometimes “deadly” Internet. An effective firewall policy, prevents unauthorized use and access to your network/server.

The role of a firewall is to analyse information entering and leaving the network/server, based on an existing firewall configuration. It usually acts as a barrier for many form of attacks.

Ideally, a security strategy puts to use both hardware, and software firewalls. That said, understanding them based on a comparative approach definitely helps framing sound firewall policies.


Installing and Configuring APF for cPanel

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The whole process of securing a Server or network is quite extensive. I’m discussing just one major aspect of Security here – Firewalls. Specifically my topic is about APF firewall.

I’m dividing this article into 2 sections :-
The first section is for amateurs. The second section is strictly for experts, at least for those who are more well versed with the intricacies of coding, and would like to understand a bit more about what’s happening.