integrate kerberos with ldap

Kerberos and LDAP, So Strong Together

Kerberos and LDAP, So Strong Together

Kerberos is one among several authentication protocols that are used as a part of security systems. Basically, it is a network authentication protocol designed to provide strong authentication and confidentiality for client/server and multi-tier applications. LDAP, on the other hand is a method of organizing the details and providing access to it. It is mostly used for user, service and machine details, and is incredibly useful.


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Kerberos and LDAP are both popular, when considered separately. And when you put them together, it provides an even more powerful solution for secure authentication.

Through this article, I wish to demonstrate how to INTEGRATE Kerberos with LDAP to provide a strong means of user authentication and authorization. The implementation explained in this article has been tested on Ubuntu 9.04. Before getting into the details, let me take you through the common terms that are used here.