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web server administration

10 uncommon causes for Apache CGI Internal Server Error, and how to fix them

Apache’s CGI mode allows webmaster’s to reduce memory usage. It is the preferred way to run many low traffic websites.

But the CGI mode is pretty sensitive to things such as permissions and file encoding, that leads to 500 Internal Server Error. (more…)

Error “Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username” – Causes & fixes

Almost every PHP application relies on mail functions to send contact requests, newsletters, and more.

The most secure way to send these mails is to use SMTP authentication – that is, the PHP app uses a username and password to transfer mails to an SMTP server.

But this authentication can sometimes fail with the error:

Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "" using XX possible authenticators


Ways of improving security in Litespeed

LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server . It is completely Apache interchangeable, so it can quickly replace in your existing web delivery platform. The important security features and its configurations are given below: (more…)

IP connection tracking : ip_conntrack

Ever seen the error “ip_conntrack Table full. Dropping packet” in the log file /var/log/messages? You are likely to see it busy servers, or if your server is under some kind of a DDoS attack.

But then how and why do these connection tracking happen. As the KB explains, ip_conntrack is an iptables module that maintains a list of connections through router. Each connection tracking entry contains defined characteristics of the packet, including the source and destination IP address and port numbers. Entries are stored in a hash table with a fixed size. (more…)

Logging in Apache

Log files are necessary components of any software. Especially in a web-server like Apache, it can come in very handy to know the statistics of visiting clients, security auditing and checking the errors. (more…)