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How to provide the fastest hosting for WordPress sites

How to provide the fastest hosting for WordPress sites

WordPress hosting is a widely emerging market in web hosting industry now. As the competition gets tougher, hosting companies strive to provide the best hosting services, in order to grab more customer base.

Every website owner would require his site to load within 2 seconds, which makes them opt for a reliable and high-speed hosting provider who can deliver that service at affordable pricing.

In our role as Outsourced hosting support specialists for web hosts, our key priority is to help our customers provide the fastest hosting for WordPress sites, which enables them to be the industry-best WordPress hosting providers. (more…)

Is WordPress getting hacked often? Here’s a guide to secure Linux WordPress hosting in Amazon Web Services(AWS) EC2 servers

With WordPress powering 61% of CMS based websites, it has become a lucrative target for hackers. Google blacklisting for phishing and email blacklisting for spamming is quite common in WordPress hosting. A well maintained WordPress site is immune to hacking, but in shared hosting, the majority of WordPress websites will be un-patched, and vulnerable to hacking.

Through a few simple strategies, it is possible to make WordPress immune to hacking. Here’s a quick check list on how server management services prevented WordPress hacking in Linux Amazon Web Services(AWS) EC2 servers. (more…)