5 key factors that help us deliver transparent tech support services

5 key factors that help us deliver transparent tech support services

Every customer prefers interacting with a support team who can easily relate to their issues and provide them with personal attention and prompt care in resolving their matters.

That’s why most hosting companies prefer to choose inhouse support team over an outsourced team, as they can guarantee this direct interactions with their customers.

But maintaining an inhouse support team is a costly affair as in hiring, training and managing the staff. What if you are able to provide this personalized support to your customers, at affordable rates?

Ensure world-class support for your customers!



That’s what transparent tech support services provided by Bobcares helps you achieve! Your customers would get top-quality support, without them knowing that they are dealing with someone not physically present in your company.

Why should you choose a transparent tech support service?

When you opt for a support management company that provides transparent support services, you gain these benefits.

  1. Your customers get a feeling that they are interacting directly with you.
  2. You can easily win over customer confidence and loyalty with personalized support.
  3. You can save your time having to personally deal with each and every customer.

You reap all the benefits of an inhouse support team, but at a cost-effective pricing!

[ Don’t waste your valuable time on support. Bobcares’ 24/7 support technicians are here to delight your customers with our transparent support services.]

How we provide transparent tech support services to your customers

At Bobcares, we assign well-trained and highly knowledgeable dedicated support staff to your account, which helps to provide transparent support services to your customers.

With our 5-step methodology in support services, we ensure that our customers get what they signed up for – Excellent quality support service that is transparent to the end-users!

  1. We learn about our customers and their clientele in depth, ranging from their account details to the support history, which helps us provide prompt and personalized support to them.
  2. With a 24/7 team of engineers dedicated to each customer, we are committed to develop an ‘attention-to-detail’ and friendly connect with the customers.
  3. The support team strictly adheres to the instructions specific to each customer, which enables us to give the customers a delightful experience without having them to repeat things.
  4. Our engineers are given specialized training related to the language and culture etiquette that are relevant to their customer base, which further enhances our support service quality.
  5. Using alias names and efficient customer record look-up systems, we easily simulate the impression of an ‘inhouse’ support team, without you having to incur the huge costs for that.

Bobcares helps web hosts of all sizes provide world-class support services and server performance, using tried and tested solutions. If you like to know how to retain your customers better, we’d be happy to talk to you.


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