3 quality parameters to get the best out of your help desk support specialists

3 quality parameters to get the best out of your help desk support specialists

Most web hosting companies maintain a support help desk to interact with their customers. Help desks also help to keep track of all the customer support history and can also be integrated with their billing system.

But installing a help desk alone, won’t guarantee you customer retention. With the help of expert help desk support specialists, you need to utilize this data mine to boost your customer delight.

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Benefits of a help desk support system

In our role as help desk support specialists for web hosting companies, we maintain and manage the help desk for many companies, ranging from WHMCS to Kayako.

The main benefit in having a help desk software, is that we get an idea on major support parameters such as the type of server issues, help desk support performance, customer delight, etc.

Some of the benefits that we gain from a good help desk system are:

  1. Handling customer queries
  2. Managing support technicians
  3. Measuring help desk performance
  4. Insight into server incidents
  5. Monitoring customer feedback

By integrating the support help desk with other software such as billing and account management, we are able to keep track of customer accounts, order provisioning, support demands and payment tracking.

Here, we’ll see the 3 major quality parameters that we monitor and keep track of, which helps our customers to get the best out of your help desk support services.

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3 quality parameters for help desk support specialists

In a support service system, the quality parameter is all about customer delight – how good the customer perceives, your support to be.

No matter how many KPIs and systems you follow, if the customers don’t get what they want, they’d leave for other options. Knowing the customer and catering to their needs, is the most important aspect in help desk support.

In a service industry, quality of support provided to customers is determined by these parameters:

1. Speed of support

Instant gratification – There is nothing else that delights a customer more than prompt service. Acknowledging the customer’s email, giving him assurance that you’re taking care of his issue, and giving timely updates, all these make an impact on customer’s mind.

At Bobcares, we ensure swift responses and quick resolutions, as a part of our help desk support. In cases of time-consuming tasks such as migrations, we provide intermittent status updates to keep them at ease.

We set KPIs such as response time and resolution time based on the SLA guaranteed to each customer for their choice of support channel. Daily tracking and improving upon these KPIs help us to provide instant support to customers.

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2. Customer feedback

A single human error can end up catastrophic to your business. Some unwarranted commands or accidental updates have the potential to ruin your entire server and customer data.

Bobcares’ help desk support specialists are diligent and expert engineers who are skilled in managing servers. We’ve a dedicated quality team to review each and every task and ensure that there are no errors that adversely affects the support quality.

But no stats can compensate for the customer feedback itself. We have an efficient feedback tracking system to collect and analyse customer feedback for our services.

Testimonials and thanks replies that we obtain, help us to measure the quality of our customer service and to confirm that our help desk support specialists are indeed doing a good job. Any deviations noted are immediately sorted and followed up.

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3. Type of support issues

Complaint Vs Requests – What type of support issues do you face more? With an efficient help desk support specialists to handle your support, the Request/Complaint ratio should be invariably high.

With in-depth debugging, preventive server maintenance, periodic server tweaking, 24/7 expert monitoring, etc. we are able to ensure a zero downtime service to our customers, and bring down their complaints to nil.

Our quality team reviews the type of support issues that are handled in the support desk. If complaints and service related issues are more, that calls for immediate corrective actions.

Our help desk support specialists perform root cause analysis for each support issue and resolve them with permanent solutions, that prevent their recurrence. This saves customers from the nuisance of repeatedly contacting the support.

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