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Troubleshooting error “X-Cache: Miss from CloudFront”

by | Oct 2, 2021

Stuck with error X-Cache: Miss from CloudFront? Find out what our expert Support Engineers suggest.

At Bobcares, we help our customers with errors like “X-cache: Miss from CloudFront” and plenty more. Let’s dive in and find out how our Support Team resolved this particular error today.

Dealing with error X-Cache: Miss from CloudFront

If your CloudFront distribution is returning an “X-Cache: Miss from CloudFront”, you have come to the right place.

Once the object is requested through CloudFront, it is cached in the edge location that got the request. In case another request is made to a different edge location, it will not have the cached version of the requested object. Ultimately, this results in the X-Cache: Miss from CloudFront error.

Troubleshooting error X-Cache: Miss from CloudFront

Which edge location received the request?
One way of resolving the error is by checking whether the errors response is from an edge location or multiple edge locations. This can be done by sending multiple requests to the same object from the same client. Once this is done, check the IP addresses and run a reverse DNS lookup to find out which edge location received the requests.

Frequency of object requests
If the object in an edge location is not requested frequently, it gets removed by CloudFront before its expiration date. If you come across the error message intermittently, this might be the cause of the error.

Forwarding cookies, headers, or query string parameter
When the CloudFront distribution forwards cookies, headers, or query string parameters, the requests get cached. Moreover, this brings down the number of requests served.

For instance, if two requests for the same object have different query string parameter values the second request will not be served, resulting in the X-Cache: Miss from CloudFront error message.

First, determine whether this is the reason behind the error by configuring CloudFront distribution to stop forwarding these parameters. If the error still persists, take a look at the other reasons mentioned by our Support Engineers.

In case the error stops after removing the parameters, you can white list certain specific parameters rather than the entire range to prevent the error.

Response store in the browser cache
Once a particular request results in the X-Cache: Miss from CloudFront message, the browser may serve the same response to other requests since it is stored in the browser cache. Our Support Teams recommend clearing the cache and making a new request once more to avoid the error message.

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In the end, we looked at different ways to troubleshoot the Miss from CloudFront error message. With Bobcares by your side, you need not look further for AWS Support Service.


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