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Virtuozzo VS Hyper-V – Which one should you choose

by | Mar 19, 2021

Being the two commonly used virtualization technologies, Virtuozzo VS Hyper-V is a tough decision to make.

Out of the various virtualization technology available today, it is difficult to select virtualization that matches your current requirement.

As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several such queries.

Today, let us decide on Virtuozzo or Hyper-V.


Virtuozzo VS Hyper-V

Here is a small comparison between Virtuozzo and Hyper-v, which discuss the key difference between these two virtualization technologies.

Operating System-Level Virtualization Technology – Virtuozzo

In OS-level virtualization, creating virtual servers by utilizing a single base operating system with strong resource sharing and isolation for the guest containers is also known as container-based virtualization.

In addition, finite number of resources can allocate to users depending on their needs.

Moreover, we can use it with either a Windows or Linux OS.

In Virtuozzo, all the virtual machines in a hardware node run on the same kernel. Therefore we can create only Linux virtual servers inside a Linux hardware node. So is the case with windows hardware nodes.

Hence, any patch or updates applied to the main hardware node will propagate to all the virtual servers inside it.

A drawback of this technology is that we cannot employ full customization on any particular virtual server.

In the case of a dedicated server, we may want to run multiple OSs (Windows and Linux) on the same server. In such cases, we will not be able to use OS Level Virtualization.

If we require a customized kernel or unique kernel modules on a server, then a Hypervisor VPS is the best suite for your needs.

Hypervisor Based Virtualization – Hyper-V

A Hypervisor server employs true virtualization providing each guest virtual machine with its own virtual hardware.

We can install any OS in the virtual server as per our requirements. In addition, we can allocate resources according to our needs.

Since all the virtual machines isolate from each other, we can customize our server and apply security patches without affecting other servers. This is one of the major advantages of it.

A good example of hypervisor-based virtualization is Hyper-V.

The hyper-v servers are basically windows VPS and we use Hyper-V Manager to manage the VPS on a hardware node.

In hyper-v servers, the resource assigned to a VPS is specific to that VPS and will no other VPS will use it on the hardware node. This ensures better performance on the VPS.

When to use a Virtuozzo VPS?

  1. Lower disk and memory consumption.
  2. Cost-effectiveness.
  3. Windows VPS and Linux VPS.
  4. Higher VPS density and more efficient usage of resources.
  5. Patches are applied automatically on all VPS.

When to use a hypervisor VPS?

  1. To run multiple OS on a dedicated server.
  2. Customized kernel or unique kernel modules.
  3. Guaranteed performance.
  4. Windows VPS.
  5. Full control of all updates and patches.

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To conclude, the two commonly used virtualization technologies, Virtuozzo VS Hyper-V is a tough decision to make. Here’s a small comparison between them by our Support Team.


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