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Building a high ROI Cloud Hosting solution using oVirt (open virtualization)

Building a high ROI Cloud Hosting solution using oVirt (open virtualization)

Its all saved in the cloud“.

Nowadays, you hear this all around. From selfie pics to corporate big data, all data is now being increasingly stored in cloud systems. Given a choice, people tend to choose cloud based systems for their business, rather than traditional dedicated servers. This new interest in cloud systems is driving hosting providers world over to adopt cloud technology.

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When choosing a cloud technology, hosting providers are often faced with a lot of business choices – which software to use, what hardware to deploy, how to keep the system profitable, etc. Many providers choose proprietary technology such as VMWare or Hyper-V because of their popularity and product support. However, it is not uncommon to see cloud providers complaining about poor Return of Investment (ROI) when using proprietary technologies. The licensing model of many commercial cloud systems require a huge upfront investment and recurring costs. This leads to a long break-even time, which many cloud providers find difficult to sustain.

In contrast, leading open source server virtualization solutions enjoy active community support and require only a low up-front investment. This enables cloud providers break-even in a shorter period of time, while not compromising on service reliability. Let me explain that with an example.

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We support cloud service providers through our dedicated support services. As part of this service, we maintain the cloud infrastructure, provide 24/7 technical support and assist customers to make business decisions. One question we are often asked is, “How do we make our ROI better?”. Recently, this question was raised by a US-based cloud service provider who has been using a proprietary cloud system for 2 years. They received a constant stream of new customers, but the returns from the business was not enough to power further expansion.

We recommended deploying open source cloud systems for their next set of servers, and offered to build a system that closely matches their current system. We created several infrastructure designs which included both open source and proprietary software. The customer finally chose a cloud system design based on oVirt which is an open source equivalent of Red Hat’s RHEV. This is the story of how we designed and implemented the system.


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