10 tips to prevent database corruption in your web hosting servers

10 tips to prevent database corruption in your web hosting servers

Many websites run database-driven applications, and a single missing entry in these tables can lead to website downtime. Database corruption is an alarming scenario for webhosts, who end up spending time and effort repairing and restoring their customer databases.

At Bobcares, our staff resolve such scenarios everyday in their role as Outsourced Support Engineers for web hosting providers. And we’ve learned that its better to stay pro-active and prevent a DB corruption, than fire-fighting a website downtime.

In our Sr. Support Engineer Hamish’s words, “Database corruptions are often unpredictable. A single unforeseen event such as a server reboot can tamper with valuable customer data. But with our proactive database monitoring and management system, we promptly fix all database corruptions in our customers’ servers.”

Today, we’ll see what causes database corruption and how we protect our customers’ servers from that.

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What causes database corruption in SQL servers?

Our years of practical experience in debugging corrupt databases in customer servers has helped us tackle a variety of causes for database corruption.

  1. Power outages – Abrupt loss of power to the server or a server reboot can disrupt the running processes and cause active databases to get corrupted.
  2. Hard disk errors – Bad sectors in hard disks, file system errors, lack of adequate disk space, all these can lead to data corruptions in the server.
  3. SQL server restart – Database servers need restart following upgrades, maintenance or management. But if these restarts are not planned well, they can mess up the open database tables.
  4. Huge size of databases – Over time and usage, the size of databases in the server can increase, which can cause them to be easily corrupted and unmanageable.
  5. Outdated SQL server – A MySQL version that is outdated, vulnerable or not tweaked properly for optimal performance, can often crash and cause data corruption.
  6. Improper queries – Many websites have custom software applications, and some of them can contain unoptimized queries or denormalized databases, which can corrupt these data.

Bobcares Support Engineer Dileep explains, “The reason for database corruption may vary with server and knowing the actual cause is vital to prevent it. Upon repairing the DB, we promptly debug the server logs and SQL history. This helps us to pinpoint the reason behind the corruption and to implement the best corrective action suited for that server.”

Resolving database corruption in servers

The immediate fix for corrupt databases is to repair them without losing time. Users can check and repair a specific database table from their cPanel or PhpMyadmin.


database corruption repair phpmyadmin

Repair corrupted database table from Phpmyadmin


Server owners often attempt to repair databases from the WHM, but these actions usually provide only a temporary relief.


database corruption repair

Repair corrupt database from WHM


A major issue we’ve noted in these cases is that, most often server owners miss out on the big picture view while repairing the databases. If the magnitude of database corruption is high and the recurrence is too much, it may denote a more serious issue.

That’s why we always inspect the cause and depth of the database corruption without relying on such band-aid solutions alone. This enables our 24/7 dedicated support engineers to help webhosts implement proactive measures to prevent such issues.

Hamish alerts, “SQL DB repair may not be successful always, or it may happen that some databases get corrupt on a regular basis. If ignored, these recurrent data corruptions can eventually lead to data loss or downtime. To tackle that, we do further investigations, take proper precautions, perform restorations or even recreate the databases, as required.”

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