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How dedicated support staff helps you grow your business

How dedicated support staff helps you grow your business

Tired of managing your hosting business all alone? Struggling to retain your support staff? Need a peaceful break from your hectic schedule? Weary of poor quality support?

If the answer to any of these questions is a ‘yes’, it’s high time you consider hiring dedicated support staff for your hosting business needs.

See how our dedicated support staff helps you!

Every web host expects their support team to do these basic tasks – Manage the servers & Care for the customers. But, what if you can get more out of your dedicated support staff?

Here, we’ll see how an expert dedicated support tech/team from Bobcares can help to uplift your hosting business, by performing these value-added services.


1. Provides support customized for your company

Dedicated support is a support team that is entirely your own. They sell your USP, they are skilled for your business services, and they represent you to your customers.

Dedicated staff give the response time that you want, and are available when you want them. You’d have the full control to decide how the team/tech should function.

At Bobcares, we have technicians skilled in all areas and technologies related to hosting industry, and we offer dedicated support staff to web hosts in their time and days of preference.

You’d get an exclusive team of one or more engineers to assist your customers, according to your business requirements. We also give web hosts the provision to interview and select engineers in their line of business.

Expert server monitoring, Emergency server rescue, Unlimited support volume, Multiple choices of support channels, Complete server management – Whatever you’d like to get from a support, you’d find it here.


2. Helps to manage your hosting business

Hosting industry is getting competitive day by day! You’d need to stay abreast with the latest technologies and support systems, to cope with the growing competition.

Having a dedicated support team who are experienced in the latest hosting business models and support technologies, helps you to stay ahead of your business competitors.

Bobcares’ dedicated support team consists of expert technicians who are enthusiastic about learning your business model, assisting you in improving your business and growing it to your vision.

You’d get staff who are experienced dealing with and communicating with different types of clients. They help you manage your day to day business, give you periodic progress reports and suggestions to grow your business.

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3. Implements the best systems for your hosting

Every web hosting company has a set of systems that helps in their day-to-day business. These include billing software, server management software, customer portal, knowledge base and so on.

Implementing, fine-tuning and managing these systems is a very crucial task to ensure business stability. Equally important are the processes and procedures for smooth business functioning.

Bobcares provides dedicated support staff who can identify gaps in your systems, generate ideas and suggestions for improvement and implement the best ones that suit your business purpose.

This include suggestions for improving your website and services, streamlining existing processes, initiatives for adding value to your customers, implementations that helps you save costs, and so on.


4. Assists in managing the operational activities

Managing day to day operations in any business is a stressful task. If you sit and do that, you’d end up losing your valuable time, which can otherwise be invested in your core business.

All the routine, but important tasks such as customer grievance handling, support desk monitoring, performance assessment, support staff retention, quality control, etc. are very time-consuming.

By hiring a dedicated support staff from Bobcares, you’d get an efficient manager who’d do these management tasks on behalf of you and free up your time and efforts.

This account manager would monitor your client mails and take actions to increase client satisfaction, review the staff performance and do required corrections, ensure that SOP is being followed and SLA is always met.

Without making any compromise on quality and by keeping up with the industry standards and client expectations, Bobcares’ dedicated staff manages all your functions according to your business objectives and operating principles.

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With our dedicated support team, you can refrain from worrying about the infrastructural costs of housing your own support team. You can concentrate on growing your business with the guarantee that your customers will be supported completely every time.

Backed by skilled support staff and efficient management, dedicated support services help web hosts retain a competitive edge in their business. If you’d like to know how to improve your business with our customized support, feel free to talk to us.



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