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Error 1222 Microsoft SQL server: Resolved

by | Sep 10, 2021

Stuck with an error 1222 microsoft sql server? Bobcares is at your service!

The error 1222 is a common error when you are working in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. It often pops up when you are attempting to view tables, procedures, or tables in object explorer. Find out how our Support engineers helped out a customer with their SQL server 1222 error recently.

What is MS SQL server error 1222?

The error is a result of a longer query wait time than lock timeout settings. The lock timeout indicates the time spent waiting for a backend resource to be available.

Fortunately, the Support Engineers at Bobcares have a quick fix for this.

Tips to resolve the pesky error 1222 Microsoft SQL server

Now that you have got an idea about why error 1222 pops up. Let’s dive into resolving the issue once and for all.

  1. Our engineers use sp_who2 to check the currently established sessions in the database as well as any sessions with high CPU usage, blocking, high I/O usage, or sessions with multiple entries for identical SPID. This may be the cause behind lock time-outs.
  2. You can change the lock time-out period by running the following command:
     SET LOCK_TIMEOUT timeout_period

    The timeout_period indicates the number of milliseconds allowed to pass before a locking error is returned by Microsoft SQL Server. Its default value is  -1, which specifies no time-out period. Changing the lock time-out period will prevent error 1222 from occurring frequently.

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This easy fix to resolve Microsoft SQL server management studio error 1222 tip comes from our top experts at Bobcares.
If you have any queries about your SQL server or server management, do not hesitate to contact us. We have been helping customers successfully resolve issues related to server management for a long time.


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