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Cloud Computing

How to fix OnApp error “Access Denied as your IP is not white-listed”

How to fix OnApp error “Access Denied as your IP is not white-listed”

Login failures are not new. It can happen due to wrong login details stored in the browser, use of expired login details, or extra space in username or password.

However, for a web interface, login failures can also mean hack attempts. So, online systems apply various security policies to keep users safe. (more…)

Is it really “The Cloud way or The Highway”?

IT experts, analysts, industry leaders and everyone around, talks about Cloud Computing today. Everyone admits that we need to include Cloud, in our existing system. But the question is how and what to use.

Which Cloud to use

You might know that there are two types of Cloud – Public and Private. A public cloud will be like the services of Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Salesforce, that will drive the costs down and relieve you of the burden of managing resources, but at a cost of losing control over them.

Whereas a private cloud will be built using an enterprise’s own resources in the datacenter, and will reside within the enterprise’s firewall, and one will have to manage the whole resource while enjoying full control over them. (more…)

Moving on to Cloud

In today’s economy, Cloud Computing offers the much needed edge and results, for many enterprises. Market as such has given way to more and more players and competitive pricing, which drives in more, to the world of Cloud computing.

The option of Cloud is enticing, since the cost involved is usually low, and it envisages best use of resources, with added flexibility and scalability when compared to conventional computing environments.