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Domain Controller

Backup Active Directory Domain Controller – How we do it

Is it necessary to backup the Active Directory domain controller?

Many say that if you have multiple domain controllers that are distributed across different geographic locations, then you needn’t take a backup of the Active Directory. Because with multiple DCs you have provided domain fault tolerance.

That is when the simultaneous failure of all DCs tends to 0. And when one of the domain controllers fails then we can quickly deploy a new one on the same site. Then remove the old one using ntdsutil.

But, we have seen many situations where all the domain controllers failed. So it is necessary to take a backup of the AD.

Here at Bobcares, we have seen several such Active Directory related queries as part of our Server Management Services for web hosts and online service providers.

Today we’ll see how to backup active directory domain controller using Windows Server Backup and with PowerShell.